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Topic: Piano Movement - sorry for long absence

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    Piano Movement - sorry for long absence

    Greetings everyone. I apologise for not having been back here in a very long time! I have had some musical projects on the go, but other things have been demanding. I decided to dig out something and post a link to it here. It features the Garritan piano (from GPO, not the authorised Steinway), as well as the Garritan woodwinds. It can be obtained from


    and I hope you enjoy it.

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    Re: Piano Movement - sorry for long absence

    Amazing Rendalli! Maybe not everyone's choice of style but for me, this is superb in it's composition and execution. That GPO piano and the woods sound really good. The jazz influence from the bass section adds a great touch too.

    I see from the link that the mp3 might have been created back in 2009 so I was wondering which string library you were using then. They sound particularly good in the higher register towards the end which was a bit of a challenge prior to the new generation of libraries.

    Your absence is forgiven my friend - provided you come back soon with a few more movements to turn this into a full piano concerto!

    Regards, Graham


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    Re: Piano Movement - sorry for long absence

    Hello Graham,

    Thanks for the response. Yes it was 2009, Christmas Eve! I have mislaid my notes unfortunately so can't be sure which string library... I think it might have been "Cinematic Strings" but really I'm not certain. I would say that the piece certainly demonstrates how useful the Garritan libraries are: the woodwinds are first rate for sure. The piano also works well in this kind of ensemble. And yes, by the way, my music has always been only "to some tastes". I have always planned this as a concerto, indeed, and I have always intended it to be the (traditional) three movements. More in a while, at least I have started thinking about it! Sketching soon I hope. Also I listened to your music and found it pleasing as composition and well-produced. I liked the concertante string playing in Romanza. Lundy is particularly fine and "Idyll" it is. Indeed an English influence - my influences predominantly come from elsewhere!..

    Best regards

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