Hello, I'm Didier Martini, I'm a french hearing impaired pianist / keyboards player and composer. For some people who maybe know me, i did the beta testing of several Scarbee products in the 2000's.

With my health issue, I'm trying to produce Albums and Tunes even with the fact that I lost my capacities of hearing in an hearing trauma in May 1995.

i just released my first tune since the begginning of my dream to work in the music area (1988) with the following people :

Didier Martini - Keys (me !! )
Martin Miller - Guitars
Eric Marienthal - Sax
Will Lee - Bass
Dave Weckl - Drums

see below a video of the tune

i hope it's ok to tell this ... this project is something "so big" for a "so little guy" like me .. i hope i'm not against the rules of this forum.

thanks for your comments and support.
Didier Martini (tune can be purchased with sheets here : http://www.didiermartini.com )