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Topic: Got Slashed by the Razor!

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    Got Slashed by the Razor!

    Hey Folks,

    Yeah, I got cut. And, I'm bleedin' music all over the place.

    I just got Native Instruments' new synth Razor. It sounds like no other synth I've ever heard. The first patch 1:1 - Big Cinema is a good example of what Razor is all about. Also try using both mod wheels while playing 4:15 - Formant Land.

    Razor has a cool display window that shows the partials in action. Nice touch NI. I like seeing a visual representation of what is going on with the sounds in real time.

    I am anxious to read your comments about this synth. What do you think?

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    Re: Got Slashed by the Razor!

    You may want to check this site out.

    This programmer is selling a collection of 64 Razor snapshots. The pack of snaps is entitled SPECTRAL TERRITORY. The pads sound really good. They take advantage of Razor's sonic abilities. Although, I'm having a great time drilling down into this synth, I'm ordering this pack.

    Have a listen.


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