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Topic: Suite settingsss

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    Suite settingsss In RMX

    Hi..I want to create a suite..I'll keep it simple...3 items...The 1st half tempo,,2nd just the way it was...The 3rd doubled..I want to save this suite as such,so when I trigger via groove rather than slice they keep my original edits... Anyone know how to do this..Or,if it is even possible..Thanx in advance..JON

    I wasn't aware any other than RMX had suite settings..Are there ? Oh I get it,So people know I'm asking about a Spectrasonics prouct,,Duh,,..Thanks,changed title..You know the answer by the way ? JON I can't for the life of me get it to work..
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    Re: Suite settingsss

    You should specify you're talking about RMX.
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