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Topic: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

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    Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar - the best yet? Impresses the hell out of me.



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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    Absolutely agree!! Simply brilliant!
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    This is terrific !

    re the third example in the linked website:

    Most nylon string libraries tend to sound too crisp, with too much nail sound, and too sul ponticello.
    Works ok in many genres, but for pure classical guitar, like the third example in the linked website,
    the sound should be a little more "flesh and nail". a slightly softer sound. The chords are slightly arpeggiated,
    as is often the case, so of course they are also great. I did not hear a chord with simultaneous notes.
    I don't know if the library has chords as well as notes; would be nice to have, since the sound of chords on
    classical guitar is not quite the same as the sound of the sound of individual notes added together.

    Anyway, I wish I owned the library, and I wish I could play like that..

    Carl Smith

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    Listened to the demos. I, too, was amazed. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought it was Ilya playing real guitar.

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar


    Try this URL to hear the third example as played by a real classical guitarist.
    A beautiful young lady with an enormous talent, playing Albeniz' "Asturias".
    Notice how mellow the tone is...


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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    This is a very nice sound. I like nylon string guitar and this very impressive.

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    I took the plunge and bought this..and so far I'm loving it.

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    Hi friends !
    Thank you for your kind feedback !!!

    Today only 20% discount on the occasion of my birthday

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    I wish I had the money.... sounds amazing.

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    Re: Ilya Efimov's Nylon Guitar

    Below you'll find a link to Sonata K373 by Domenico Scarlatti performed with the most realistic virtual nylon guitar: ILYA EFIMOV NYLON GUITAR LIBRARY.


    The library by Ilya Efimov is really the best library of a nylon string guitar, which I ever bought.
    Okay, the sonata by Scarlatti was ready, but the programming of the library was done in very short time, because it is very natural for a guitar player to work with it.

    And - as shown in the video - the marriage with Overture is perfect. It is possible to control each sound, articulation, string position and so on using expressions, articulations, dynamics etc. of Overture.

    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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