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Topic: Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley

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    Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley

    Back in 2003, when the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie hit theaters, I was really impressed by Klaus Badelt's score for the movie. Sure, it sounded like a "best of" of everything Hans Zimmer and Media Ventures had done before, but I liked it nonetheless. In fact I liked it so much that I sequenced a medley of some of its themes (completely by ear!), which became by far the biggest MIDI-file I've ever made.

    Now with my new GPO4 I just had to give it a shot, and here's the result:

    I didn't use GPO exclusively, I've also utilized the great (and free) Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (mainly for the staccato strings)and a few Soundfonts (for cymbals, toms and timpani). For reverb I've used epicVerb and Reaper's own ReaVerb with the scoring stage IR from Samplicity.

    I'm sure there's tons of room for improvement, so fire away!

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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley

    I have to say that, regardless of the quality of the rendering, I am uncomfortable with renderings done of music that is quite clearly under copyright.

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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley

    I didn't think that was a problem as long as you didn't do anything with it commercially, and it was simply for educational reasons.

    Anyway, it's kind of a mess. You did a great job on getting the melody/harmonies right, however, there is so much static in the mix, it's unpleasant to listen to. That's not even mentioning the horrible machine gun effect I keep hearing throughout that's really obnoxious.

    Impressive that you did this all by ear. However, the rendering needs a lot of cleanup work.

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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley

    I assume it's mostly the percussions causing the static (and of course the "machine gun" effect), although I guess my equipment probably isn't good enough to really hear that to the same extend as you do. The percussions in the soundtrack are rather wild, so that's definitely a tough part...

    Here's a version without any percussions:

    Or maybe it's my EQ-filter causing the static? Here are versions without the EQ:
    http://www.box.net/shared/t41hucvzte (full version, minus the "machine gun" toms)
    http://www.box.net/shared/ykfg4ze85h (no percussions)

    Again, it sounds good on my "equipment" (although it couldn't be called that ), but that might be the problem. Also I'm really new to mixing, so EQing and finding the right balances is still extremely difficult to me. Regarding the latter I kinda followed THIS GUIDE a bit.

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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley

    Regardless of technical issues, I enjoyed it.
    It's one of my favorite scores.

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