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Topic: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

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    Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    Bigga Giggas in association with Post Audio Media are proud to announce the Official release of a native Gigasample Piano Suite:

    Post Piano Suite: Volume 1
    The main instrument is a Steinway D Concert Grand (the largest size Steinway makes) sampled with multiple velocity layers and sustain pedal sampled individually.
    The Nemesys trademark disk acceleration technique was used to allow this 1.2 gigabyte piano to fit on a single CD and there are 12 preset choices for special voicings in addition to the Full preset. A Light preset allows a smaller version of the piano to load on less powerful systems.

    Not stopping at this , Michiel Post added a unique section of Orchestral perc instruments including Glockenspiel, Hackbrett, Marimba and Vibes. These orchestral samples are from the orchestra pit of the renowned Concertbegouw in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The natural hall ambience adds a charming realism, missing from common orchestral perc samples.

    Also included are a set of Electric Piano instruments, a “Simple Piano” section with multiple preset choices such as Pianissimo Only, FF Only etc. and an experimental music Prepared Piano for all of you John Cage fans.
    All these extra presets and instrument choices make this collection truly versatile and user friendly for the accomplished pianist or sequencing musician.

    NOW Available from: www.biggagiggas.com only. $129.00

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    I beta tested this for Michiel so I just got this and installed it today. I\'ve been playing it the last couple of hours, so that\'s got to be a good sign. Actually I was having a great time!

    I\'ll withold much of a review til I\'ve played it more, but it\'s at least very good, and fun to play. I like it much better than the gigapiano yamaha, not sure yet how it compares to my tweaked Boesendorfer. It probably has less power in the bass (but in that regard the samples seem to reflect the source instruments) and it works better on some songs than the Boesy and not as well on others. FWIW, I prefer a real Boesy to a real Steinway, and my tweaked Boesy is pretty stunning through headphones but the midrange doesn\'t always translate well to all monitors, and the Post Steinway does sound nice through my monitors.

    The Steinway isn\'t quite perfect, some samples have some noise (not sure why...) and a few samples have a small click in the attack (not horribly noticable, but I\'m a nitpicker, anyway I\'ll probably dig in and program around these).

    Anyway, it\'s a nice piano, certainly a worthy contender with a bunch of interesting programming variations provided.

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    I\'m listening the DEMO \"PostSteinway D\", It sounds like a Nylon-Guitar sample, is that something what it\'s supposed? Sorry, I\'ve never have its \"Post Piano\" before! Or just because the DEMO source is as used for Guitars. Just wondering!
    One more thing about the fender Rhodes\'s sample library, it\'s so noisy, un-useable for me! Anyone has same problem or just only my picky-taste?

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    I\'m think the reason that the Post Piano demo on the BiggaGiggas site sounds like a guitar is that it has been made using the NFX plugins.
    I have added the new Post Piano Suite Vol-1 Steinway-D to the comparative demo page on my own website:

    This demo was made using the plain piano samples, captured directly from the Gigastudio, with no additional processing.

    While I do have some comments and suggestions which I will pass on to Michiel privately, I do not think the new version of the piano sounds like a guitar once you remove the effects processing.

    Warren Trachtman

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    Hi there, funny how a piano sound changes in somebody\'s perception in a Nylon-Guitar sample. Psycho-morphing behaviour of samples is an unexpored field in this forum... Or perhaps Long ment that the piano is played in a guitar-ish fashion?

    Anyway, we made a new MP3 demo, without any NFX plugins, and we encoded it at 128k (that may also have been a problem).
    It will be up on the website soon.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    Psycho-morphing, now that\'s what I call innovating!
    We sample-cd producers could just make one single CD, maybe with occarina... and the Psycho-morph the minds of the users so that it wouls sound like violins, trombones, drums, synths or maybe... occarina!
    Would the Psycho-morphing be made in a chemical way or could it be done with some sort of chip-implantation...

    Anyway, Here\'s the links to the ne demos:
    http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/JBrahmsRhapsodyOp79No1.MP3 http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/CapricioTBlumer.MP3


    [This message has been edited by Worra (edited 04-12-2001).]

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    Hi Worra,
    You know that when you tell someone, who is going to listen to a sample or recording, a story about what he/she is going to listen to, chance are very high that you can bias that persons opinion about it. When you say, for example, these samples are made from the famous Boston Symphony strings, the customer will find it hard to dislike them. He/she will feel strange when he dislikes a famous orchestra. The same applies to the famous Steinway. The grand piano sound from a Steinway tends to become more appriciated when the listeners know (or just have been told) that is from a Steinway on not -let say- a Yamaha. Funny, because most people can\'t recognise the Steinway in a A to B comparison.

    \'Would the Psycho-morphing be made in a chemical way or could it be done with some sort of chip-implantation... ?\'

    My guess is that the nature of psycho-morphing is neurological, thus the way to actively use psycho-morphing in a sound-library would require chemicals included in the cd-cover. Maybe the smell of an old piano makes the appriciation of the piano sound higher, what do you think?
    Imagine, include a little \'rotten eggs\' smell with the antique harpsichord and people regard the instrument as convincingly very old etc...

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    Hi Guys...

    I think I experienced a lot of psycho-morping in the early eighties. The synthesizers I was using then were from the seventies. Maybe that fact had someting to do with it, what, with the seventies being so close to the sixties....

    Anyway, I could have sworn I was listening to strings on the string patch. But now that you mention it..., it sounded a lot like the organ patch and the brass patch and the synth patch....

    Synth manufacturers have used psycho-morphing for years, especially back then: Trouble is they couldn\'t find a way to distribute what ever it was they were on, when they named their patches, to the end user.

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    I am never happy with piano pp and ff samples and I didn\'t hear those samples in the demos, but what I heard had a really nice quality to it. This piano seems to have some depth.

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    Re: Post Piano Suite Vol 1 Released!!!

    We did record a very nice, dark and precious pp layer that is indeed not used in the current demos. Seems we need to make another demo then, this time with some pp- and p-playing. But that will have to wait till after the week-end.

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