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Topic: Problems with Aria, Cubase, and my MIDI keyboard

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    Question Problems with Aria, Cubase, and my MIDI keyboard

    Okay, I finally purchased my first midi controller, an M-Audio KeyStudio 25, and am trying to configure the knobs so that they send the CC data to control the various Aria instruments. I use GPO4, World instruments, and Cubase 5, all running under Windows 7 64-bit.

    However, I can't get it to work for any instrument that uses the Aria player.

    After much trial and error, I finally got it working for the Kontakt player (GPO3)... as shown below.

    As you can see in the picture, on the generic remote page I selected the control that I wanted to use to send CC data, then selected the instrument I had loaded in Cubase, and a menu of all the possible CC values appeared.

    This is pretty much what other instruments do. Here is an example of the same thing using the Monologue synth that comes with Cubase. Notice I select the control, then the instrument, and a detailed menu of options appears.

    Unfortunately, when I try to do this with a loaded instrument that uses the Aria player, I get absolutely no options.

    I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm thinking it's on the Aria side, because I can get options to show for non-Aria instruments. I tried using a GPO4 instrument (flute) and a Garritan World instrument (irish flute), and got no options for either.

    So, can anyone help out, here? All I want to do is to map a knob on my midi controller to send CC data to control the Aria instruments, but nothing seems to be showing. Is there some kind of learn mode on the Aria player that I don't know about, or is there an actual bug, here?

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Problems with Aria, Cubase, and my MIDI keyboard

    All of ARIA's Mixer and Control page controls can be automated with MIDI CC.

    For instance if you have the ARIA player open on the Mixer page by default Instrument slots 1-16 are assigned to MIDI Channels 1-16 respectively. If you send a MIDI CC message for CC 7 on Channel 1 you will see the ARIA Slot 1 Mixer Volume Slider become automated for those messages. CC10 controls pan. CC7 on MIDI Channel 2 will control the ARIA Instrument Slot 2 volume slider, and so on...

    Now if you visit the Controls page for any loaded instrument you will see Knobs under the "Instrument Controls" section. Each knob has the MIDI CC that it is assigned to displayed within the label. For instance: VibSpd(CC17) This would be Vibrato Speed on MIDI CC17.

    It's been a while since I've used the Cubase Generic Remote but you may be able to tell the remote to send the MIDI CCs, on the specific MIDI Channels you want to send for your custom Remotes.

    Another option would be to use the built in M-Audio template software to assign and create your own template for ARIA.

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Problems with Aria, Cubase, and my MIDI keyboard

    Unfortunately, that didn't help.

    You see, the whole idea of Generic Remote in Cubase is to assign what the controls do. And I can assign CC values to controls on my M-Audio device for GPO3 (Kontakt) and the synths and instruments that came with Cubase. But when I try to do that for an instrument using the Aria player, no options are available. I can't send CC data from my M-Audio device to the Aria instruments... and I should be able to!

    Look at the screenshots I originally posted. You can see for the Kontakt instrument that Cubase will let me assign any of a long list of CC values to a control. With the Monologue synth (that came with Cubase), I get a similar list by name, rather than by CC value (Ex: Attack). But with the Aria instruments, nothing. That's the problem.

    I was on the phone last night with Cubase support, and the fact that I can get the CC assignments working for non-Aria instruments indicates to them that the problem is probably on the Aria side... pretty much what you'd expect them to say. But that's why I need help from the Aria folks, because the METHOD I'm using in Cubase should work, according to the support guy I was working with last night.

    Now I need to try and find out why it doesn't work.

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    Re: Problems with Aria, Cubase, and my MIDI keyboard

    I understand the issue you are running into. The way the Cubase Generic Remote works is that it is able to assign any automatable parameters that a VST declares to MIDI input devices that you have connected to your computer. The problem here is that the ARIA VST is not declaring any automatable parameters to Cubase.

    I believe there is a valid reason for this, and it's something that hasn't just been glossed over by the developers. ARIA has a customizable GUI, this allows sound designers, and the Garritan Team to create their own custom GUI on the Controls page within ARIA. With that said, there's no easy way to tell the VST specification to account for controls that will vary from instrument to instrument, library to library. (at least my best guess at why)

    So when you say:
    Quote Originally Posted by HongKongCV View Post
    I can't send CC data from my M-Audio device to the Aria instruments... and I should be able to!
    You mean unable to control ARIA from the Cubase Generic Remote.

    The M-Audio keyboard is sending MIDI CCs for every knob/slider control on the device, you just need to create a 'template/preset' for the keyboard that sends the MIDI CCs that ARIA is using.

    Check your M-Audio keyboard documentation on how to do this. I know they used to include an easy to use software that showed a template/overlay of your keyboard, then all you have to do is change the messages those knobs/sliders are sending, and save to your instrument.

    Another advantage to setting up your keyboard for ARIA is that you'll have this ready to use in the ARIA standalone mode as well, or any other host.

    Let me know how it goes,

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