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Topic: coming soon by Best Service - teaser & demo

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    coming soon by Best Service - teaser & demo

    We are proud to present a teaser and demo songs of a very exciting new virtual instrument by Evolution Series and Best Service!
    Join us each day for a new taste until the secret will be disclosed March, 22

    Have a look!

    Best Service Team

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    Re: coming soon by Best Service - teaser & demo

    I wish Best Service all the best with the new instrument and collaboration, though I wish you would market your partners in a more appropriate light.
    I write this comment since I`ve stumbled upon a same thread on KVR, where some peculiar branding issue was rightfully brought up, and your partners felt they could easily dismiss it by self positioning themselves as seasoned and professional.
    I felt a bit strange never actually hearing of this company, so I went on with the materials and marketing placed at bestservice (BTW I definitely LOVE your site, and always wander around product pages, listening to the media examples provided).
    Learning that this is a first library in production, still no active website, and with all due respect, not enough facts or previews to actually raise an eyebrow, I wonder if the marketing is not "running ahead of the carriage"?

    We have great examples of small and novice indie developers making terrific things, like Wallander, Cinematic Strings and Audiobro to mention a few, but their self presentation was very informative and sincere. I am sure there is no shame in presenting yourself as a novice, and offer your fresh talent and ideas, but its too soon to rave about your company before you`ve some past products under your belt, and even more important, a few years of user base relationships and feedbacks.

    Wish you all the best though

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