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Topic: Birth of a Nation. Italy's 150th Anniversary

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    Birth of a Nation. Italy's 150th Anniversary

    Dear Friends,

    today we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the United Italy, the Country people like Manzoni and Verdi dreamed of, and lived in.

    In a century and a half of history we lived as monarchy, dictatorship and eventually a free Republic.

    Whilst sometimes is a very hard job, we must be proud of our Country.

    I want to share with you our National Anthem sung by a worldwide-known Italian:

    Viva l'Italia!
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Birth of a Nation. Italy's 150th Anniversary

    Viva l'Italia! - Great post, Fabio - thanks for it.

    Only 150 years -so young, especially in contrast to the rich, ancient history of Italy. Marvelous to think about it.

    And where would we be without the brilliant development of music that emerged from Italy? For one thing, we'd be stuck with the more drab English musical terms like "Lively" instead of "Vivace" and "Speed the heck up!" instead of "Accelerando"---stuff like that.

    I want to point out - this is an important day in another way also - it's St. Patrick's Day!--OH BOY!--Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight!

    Internationally yours,

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    Re: Birth of a Nation. Italy's 150th Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary Italy!

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