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Topic: Jumping registration number!

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    Jumping registration number!

    I'm having a novel problem when trying to re-register my GS3 (had to re-install XP to get rid of other problems).

    Custser@teac.com sends me the key code, but by this time the registration number has changed, apparently requiring
    a different key code! On investigation, I see that the reg num changes everytime the computer is restarted !
    Shouldn't this be a constant?

    Custser didn't know the answer, just gave me instructions on how to clean the machine of existing GS files. That did not help, unfortunately.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what may be happening? I have a ton of GS gig files, and I read here that even GSplayer is not yet a good substitute.


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    Re: Jumping registration number!

    Do you have any hardware that is changing? For example, do you have a USB pen drive?

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    Re: Jumping registration number!

    thanks for replying.

    Yes, I occasionally connect an encrypted USB flash drive to store private data.

    I believe the GS3 program probably uses the C: hard drive identification to create the registration number.
    Can anyone here say for sure that the registration number should be the same, as long as you don't change the hard drive? I've even fooled around trying to find the file, or registry entry that would contain the reg num, to no avail.

    I'll give Tascam credit for continuing to support GS registration. When they stop (and they WILL stop), I wish they
    would just make available a patch or other instructions to circumvent re-registration for anybody having previously
    registered successfully.

    I know that most people have migrated to Kontakt a long time ago, but I just don't want to spend the umpteen humdred dollars it takes to go that route. I don't make a living with music.

    For now, I'm giving the Gplayer demo a try, but it seems to be somewhat lacking.

    I'll try to give the flash drive idea a try, but I am not hopeful.

    Again, thanks for the comment. Anyone else..please?


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    Re: Jumping registration number!

    Is your OS had drive made by Seagate?
    If so, you might have the dreaded Seagate firmware problem.

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    Re: Jumping registration number!

    Thanks for the suggestion, but nope, its a Western Digital.

    Any computer freaks out there who understand how the registration number generation process is accomplished?
    How is the OS hard drive recognized by the GS3 software installation? I wish software manufacturers would put a little less protection in place and rely on something simpler, like using a serial number which is only printed on an
    accompanying booklet. Ah me- GS has given me great joy and great frustration. Just ramblin....


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