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Topic: The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

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    The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

    We have all heard about the horrible earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters that happened in Japan. This is an unimaginable tragedy for the Japanese people and has consequences for the whole world. Words cannot describe the terrifying destruction.

    We're happy to hear that Snorlax's son is safe and well. We also heard from Ken-P, one of our members in Japan, and he is okay.

    Our Japanese distributor, Crypton, let us know that all their members and workers are fine.

    Our partners SONY and Yamaha released statements that none of their employees have suffered significant injuries, however production and business may be disrupted for some time.

    We hope the other members of our forum who are in Japan are safe and if any are reading this, please let us know how you are doing and if we can help.

    Life can change in an instant and we are all vulnerable to what life can throw at us. It is inspiring how the Japanese people are dealing with this catastrophe which shows the strength and dignity of the human spirit.

    Our thoughts, prayers and our hearts go out for the people of Japan and their country.

    Gary Garritan

    Locating Loved Ones

    If you are looking for information on people in the quake zone, Google has opened a Person Finder page: http://www.google.com/crisisresponse...quake2011.html

    Ushahidi, a crowdsourcing mapping tool, has set up a local platform in Japan that allows people in the area affected by the earthquake to text the location of people who may be trapped: http://osmemo.wizu.jp/reports/view/14

    Ways to Donate to victims of Japanese earthquake and tsunamis

    The following organizations have information on their websites on how to donate.

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    Re: The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

    Yes it is unbelievable.

    My brother and his family recently lost their house and most of their possessions in Cyclone Yasi. They are coming to terms with that personal disaster, but the scale of this devastation is beyond belief.

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    Re: The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    Thank you for this post, Gary. I'm in a daze over the horrific nature of this earth changing event.

    Quite literally earth changing. Apparently parts of the coast line moved as much as 8ft. I can not even begin to imagine the amount of stress, and the the amount of energy that must have been released when the stress became to much to move solid rock 8ft. At least japan is far more prepared for events like this than the devastation that occurs in other areas. It's actually quite remarkable feet of architecture and engendering that most of the damage came from the wave, and not the actual earthquake.

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    Re: The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

    I sat in utter disbelief as I watched the horror from the pictures and video of the devastation.

    I was laying in bed thinking of all the things I didn't see in the videos.

    People who are alive and are having to see poor people that didn't make it, their bodies slammed against objects, the big ship that was crammed under a bridge (with people on it) sharks and other living creatures from the ocean laying alive on debris.

    Just hard to imagine.
    My heart aches and goes out for these people.


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    Re: The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

    I find it quite interesting how different an actual tsunami is from what most people imagine. Most people (including hollywood) seem to picture it as a wave, like a HUGE version of the big rollers you see at the beach. In reality, it's much more like the surf coming up on to the beach, except on a much larger scale. I think the thing that surprised me the most is how long the wave is. A 20 foot tall wave doesn't sound all that big, but it just keeps coming, and coming, and coming. Does anyone know how long the wave actually was? I remember from oceanography that they're typically a few miles or so, but that's in the open ocean, and I believe it changes once it reaches land. Not that any of this makes it less tragic, but it is quite fascinating from a scientific point of view. (I was originally going to be a science major before switching to music)

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