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Topic: Can Logic control the volume fader in Aria Player?

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    Can Logic control the volume fader in Aria Player?

    I am trying to let Logic let be in control of the volume Slider in the Aria player but till now no luck. I tried every option in Hyper Draw: Expression, Modulation and Breath are connected to the modulation wheel in the Aria Player, and Volume changes the volume slider of the track in Logic, but how can I control the volume slider in the Aria Player?

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    Re: Can Logic control the volume fader in Aria Player?

    Out of curiosity, I tried digging to see if I can do this in ACID Pro 7; no dice. I noticed that the ARIA Player doesn't let me automate any settings like volume for each track in the Mixer tab either.

    Too bad there isn't a "learn" function that lets you map a function to a knob or slider on your desired interface as well. Kore (and the free Kore Player) from Native Instruments does this.

    There's the generic CC# 7 but that just controls overall volume, not individual. Ah, well. Can't have everything with something this powerful, at least for now, right?

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    Re: Can Logic control the volume fader in Aria Player?

    ARIA only provides MIDI automation and not host automation like the NI sample players, and confusing those may be the source your problem, Andreas.

    I think every single control in ARIA has a MIDI controller for it, and most are marked on the interface as well as being detailed in the manual, so host automation should be unecessary.

    Using MIDI CC#7 works for me to control the volume fader on each individual ARIA track, so the question is how to do this in Logic (or Acid Pro).

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    Re: Can Logic control the volume fader in Aria Player?

    I have to correct my previous post.

    I can control the fader for each instrument in the Mixer using a knob (assigned to CC# 7) on my MIDI keyboard. Two things must occur for this to happen:

    -There has to be a MIDI track inserted that's transmitting on the correct MIDI channel

    -My MIDI keyboard must be transmitting on the correct MIDI channel

    e.g., In order to control the fader in the Mixer tab on instrument 2, a track in my project has to be assigned to receive input from MIDI channel 2, which my keyboard will be transmitting on. I can then control the volume (and even record; a get an envelope when I move the knob around while recording).

    It's a bit clunky, though, as you're only allowed to control the volume of each instrument one at a time. It works though. I'm not complaining, of course. I can deal. (Anybody remember those days of MIDI recording? Remember the old Cakewalk software in DOS?) lol

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