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Topic: BFD2 vs Superior Drummer 2 (specific questions)

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    BFD2 vs Superior Drummer 2 (specific questions)

    Gang, I just posted this over at KVR but thought I'd ask here too.

    Hi all, yet another BFD vs. Superior Drummer thread. I've googled a lot, read a lot, downloaded the BFD2 demo... and I still know just as much (or little) as I did going in.

    There seems to be a razor-thin consensus that BFD's built-in fx are better, and has a wider range of expansion packs. BFD features both load to ram and disk streaming. BFD's tutorials are better done in my opinion and do a better job of showing off the products features. BFD's mixing features really blew me away.

    Most importantly, BFD has a groove editor, which is absolutely critical for me. SD -- well, it's kinda hard to tell since they don't really say either way on their website, and they don't have a demo.

    So it was pretty clear to me that I was leaning BFD until I discovered --

    BFD2 isn't 64-bit. And it won't be, not until BFD3's release, which could be a year to 18 months off, maybe more.

    And upon playing with the BFD2 demo, the groove editor left me a little underwhelmed. It's better than nothing at all, and I muddled my way through learning its quirks, but little things like not being able to maximize the window left me frustrated.

    I'm close to purchasing a new system, so SD2's ram footprint won't phase me. SD2 is 64 bit. SD2 certainly sounds great (although I don't know if I can say it sounds as stellar as some of the BFD demos I've heard). And SD2's X-drum looks killer and something I would enjoy exploring.

    So, I'm back to square one. Would really like to hear from folks that have owned both, or used both extensively. Or even if you only own one, would love to hear opinions -- negatives/drawbacks are actually more important to me, I can always go to a company's website for the positives.


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    Re: BFD2 vs Superior Drummer 2 (specific questions)

    i love Superior for its support of Roland V-Drums.
    Regarding the sounds-there is no shortage of cool sounding kits both internal and from several expansions.
    I have most of the EXZ expansions and love most of them. (Jazz, Nashville, Vintage and Classic are my favs)
    The quality of the internal effects is great-AFAIK they were liscensed by Sonalkis.
    While there is no beat or groove editor in Superior it does come with a great selection of beats that i use quite often in my music.
    I am sure BFD is very good too but i never felt any remorse for choosing the toontrack stuff.

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    Re: BFD2 vs Superior Drummer 2 (specific questions)

    Thanks Hans, you just reminded me of another Superior Drummer advantage -- its support for Vdrums is supposed to be much better. Specifically, I've read multiple accounts of BFD2's issue with vdrums (hi hats in particular).

    The lack of a groove/beat editor... it's not an absolute deal breaker since the midi track could be edited, but it would make things much easier for my workflow if SD had one.

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    Re: BFD2 vs Superior Drummer 2 (specific questions)

    hihat is the keyword-i bought a VH-11 hihat and Superior works like a charme with it.
    Not only do i get 2 different zones (edge and bow) but the crossfade thru all the different stages of the pedal are supersmooth and sound very natural.

    For editing grooves i use the pianoroll editor in logic.

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