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Topic: Latin percussion libraries & other wishes

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    Latin percussion libraries & other wishes

    I just had the good fortune of listening to Sergio Mendes\' Brasileiro (it\'s hard to sit still while listening to this great vibrant music ) I was wondering: are there any good libraries around of Brazilian percussion. And with good I do not mean the one dimensional, one-sample instrument type of drumkit. I want percussion sounds that live & breathe & have depth (not loops). If there still isn\'t such a library around, maybe it\'s any sound developer visiting this forum to come up with such a library. I would buy a good library like that immediately. And while we are on the subject of wishes, isn\'t there any electric guitar library in the pipeline somewhere? I already have the Quantum Leap disc, but it is very limited, also in the chords on the electric guitars featured. I would like something that is more extensive and more up to date. Perhaps a sequel to QL guitar&bass, Nick?
    -Best wishes, Jan

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    Re: Latin percussion libraries & other wishes


    We are doing a World percussion library that will have everything that you are looking for (I hope!). It\'s still a ways out but I\'ll keep you posted.

    DS Soundware

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    Re: Latin percussion libraries & other wishes

    Hi Donnie, it\'s great to hear that you will be releasing such a library. If you really are going to make it a world project in the most literal meaning of the word this will be a huge library. Could you perhaps move the Latin percussion up the ladder, maybe to the No.1 position of things to do first in this project? I know that your libraries are of a very high standard, so I am looking forward to it!
    Best wishes, Jan

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    Re: Latin percussion libraries & other wishes

    Hi Jan,

    Have you seen the Sonic Implants Afro-Cuban Percussion library? You might want to give that one a try. I do believe Sonic Implants still allows people to buy single patches one at a time and download them through their web site (or you can buy the entire CD). Trying out just one or two of the kits is a good way to find out if you want to invest in the entire library or not.


    Sonic Control
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    Re: Latin percussion libraries & other wishes


    You are very correct that doing a \"world\" library would require lots of cd\'s. Originally we had decided to put it all in one huge library but now that you mention it it would probably be better to split it up into regions.

    Also I agree that Latin should probably come first. Then probably African after that.

    It may take some time but I can assure you that it will be very indepth and very playable in the end. Being percussionist ourselves we are very picky about the sounds that we get. I\'ll definately keep you posted on our progress!



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    Re: Latin percussion libraries & other wishes

    check http://www.vrsound.com/perc

    vrsound_percussion also see the review on this list.

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