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Topic: Lesson samples in downloadable MIDI?

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    Lesson samples in downloadable MIDI?

    The orchestration samples are fabulous in the online orchestration course! What a great tool!

    For more critical listening, I would like to be able to download the examples in a MIDI format so that I can isolate the parts, and then maybe even play around with them a little.

    Is this an option?


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    Re: Lesson samples in downloadable MIDI?


    I guess besides the provided midi files for the lessons there is no such possibility - but you find really good midi files of thousands of classical works, including of course sheherazade and other works of Rimsky-Korsakov, online. I started, some day around 12-14 years ago to download freely available scores and midi files. It takes some time, but you can use them for your studies. Some are really outstanding, and there must be musicians who put years of work in those files.

    Just checked, the classical midi connection has no "Sheherazade", but you find other works of Rimsky-Korsakov by clicking HERE. And the Mozart-examples are surely to be found there. And there are so many other good websites.
    Hope that helps a bit!

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    Re: Lesson samples in downloadable MIDI?

    I discovered that you can get the Rimsky-Korsakov examples in MusicXML format, which can be viewed or converted to MIDI in notation programs such as the free MuseScore. Go to:



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    Re: Lesson samples in downloadable MIDI?

    The gutenberg project Rimsky book also has mp3 and midi files of the examples in the treatise if MusicXML doesn't work.

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