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Topic: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

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    Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    Has anyone converted Ensoniq EPS/ASR sounds, and if yes then which software did you use? Rubber Chicken, any other? Is there other?

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    Rubber chicken has Translator. This program convert ao Ensoniq -> Gigasampler. I have the program, but the current version is not something I would advise to anyone. I think it\'s rather complex to do these conversions. The results are a lot of crashes and a lot of sounds that convert very poorly. There will be an update in a few weeks, so I hope that\'ll fix things.

    Joris Vincken

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    Joris, I understand that Translator is not perfect (far from it)... I\'ve used an EPS program from Rubber Chicken a few years ago and it sucked, with all the updates and \"fixes.\" But I have to translate some Ensoniq sounds I have... How good or bad are Ensoniq\'s layers and all the layer-related controller info are being converted by Translator? For instance, I wonder if you\'ve noticed how Translator handles the fact that most of the ASR\'s layer switching has been assigned to the two Ensoniq patch buttons. I\'m thinking, maybe I should just rent an ASR and resample some of the sounds directly into my PC. Although that would be such a pain in the butt, considering the amount of programming that would need to be done afterwards.

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    Happy to join the forums here. Everything seems to be well done and helpful.

    Regarding Translator, one shouldn\'t assume that if you are having problems that everyone is having issues. Mr. Vincken hasn\'t contacted us regarding any issues - why complain to a forum when you can just as easily contact the manufacturer and solve your problem?

    As far as the crashes go, there has been an global issue, not one that pertains to the Gigasampler translations specifically, that has affected probably 10% of Translator users. This is likely what Mr. Vincken is referring to. We could not replicate the issue here, so it took us a longer time for it to resolve. (It has been resolved now, and is going into Wednesday\'s update.) Most users have not been affected.

    Joris, please contact us if Wednesday\'s update does not solve your problems, whatever they may be.

    We happened to be experts with the Ensoniq format and that particular translation has been solid for some time. As was mentioned, translations are complex, but Translator comes through with flying colors in most situations. If it doesn\'t, let us know - we\'ll fix it, typically within 24-48 hours. With Gigastudio effects, things will get even better - translation of effects!

    While we are \"plugging\" - Translator supports the following formats into Gigsampler format: Soundfont, Ensoniq, Roland, and Emu. Gigastudio seems promising, especially with the interface improvements and the integrated conversion capability.

    Also, just a couple corrections - it\'s EPS/ASR, not EPS/ASP - and Chicken Systems is the specific company that produces Translator.

    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems Technical Support

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    A followup - the program Alex refers to is Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools. Runs pefectly.

    Again, if you have a problem with the software, remember that it may be an issue that only affects you and not everyone.

    To answer the specific question about the layers, Translator Rev 19 translates all the layers that are assigned to the OO patch, with velocity information etc. Since Gigasampler apparantly does not support monophonic playback, the Glide mode is not enabled. Please contact us for specific info.

    Anything could be better than resampling - really want to do that?

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion


    you are right that I first should have contacted you. I did want to wait however for the new update before doing so. I also will report my (hopefully positive) experiences with the new version.

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    I use AWave, but a bit indirectly. It will import Gig, Soundfonts, EPS and ASR (among many others). The only bad part is that it doesn\'t export to Gigasampler... I do it indirectly by first converting to Soundfont, then from Gigasampler, to gig. Also, it doesn\'t do Emu.

    I\'m going to look into Translator from RC, but not sure I can splurge for the $150 (plus isn\'t it still in beta?).

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    As a new user of Tanslator I have to say that it is still, shall we say, immature. Although, as you can probably tell from Garth\'s posts here, they are excellent at providing support and really do seem to want to help you. I just think they could put a little more effort into their product, testing, documentation,... so they wouldn\'t have to work so hard at support.
    Also, it just seems like questionable quality is rampant in this business of audio software tools.
    BTW: I sent email to makers of AWave asking why they don\'t support converting to .gig format and they say that Nemesys won\'t share file format. Garth reverse engineered the format.

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    What a moron I am. The software I was talking about earlier was one from Giebler, not Chicken Systems. I believe it was called EPS Tools. I thought it was the same company... Garth, I apologize! I am very concerned about the layer conversion from Ensoniq as well as AKAI into Gigasampler. It\'s awesome that Translator can convert patch 00, and mono-gliding convertion is probably not a big issue for most people. But for some of the better sounds, i.e. what Greytsounds did for Ensoniq, or Guitar Expressions for AKAI and EMU (up to 8 layers per key), it is essential that I am able to convert all of the layers and can switch between them (dimensions) in Gigastudio using the keyboard, as they did in the Advanced Orchestra programming. Maybe during the convertion Translator could ask, which keyboard would you like the dimension key-switching to be optimized for, and have the dimension keys assigned to the left-most 4 keys on the keyboard... Or something like that. At the very least we would be able to switch between layers, if not combine them for now... Would that be possible at all, or am I asking for too much for the moment? Thank you, Garth. (if you have figured the Gigasampler format from scratch, you are a genius, man! well, you already are since you\'ve figured out all those other formats.)

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    Re: Ensoniq EPS/ASP sounds convertion

    Those are good ideas, Alex. We\'ll see what is the most feasible.

    I can\'t take credit for all of the reverse-engineering - I didn\'t do it all.

    Translator could use more documentation, but there are a couple of reasons why that is. Firstly, as translations change and get more comprehensive, the documentation would probably be changing constantly, which isn\'t such a good thing. Secondly, Translator is simple to use and doesn\'t require much. You just locate the Instrument you want to convert, drag it over, and you are done. No rocket science.

    However, I agree it would be helpful to have it in the Help file on what the limitations were at the moment. We\'re doing the second-best thing, which is inviting people to broadcast their concerns/ideas to use e-mail or telephone. We make sure we get back to everyone.

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