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Topic: MidiYoke, MapleMidi drivers for Windows 7 64 bits

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    MidiYoke, MapleMidi drivers for Windows 7 64 bits

    Hi friends. Since the old "Garritan Studio", virtual midi drivers have been discussed and used over this forum.
    Today is mostly un-necesary the use of them since Finale, Sibelius and Notion support VSTi. Also any host out there.
    But, in the case you were using a Notations editor without vst support, or want for any reason connect Standalone to another program, you will need a virtual midi driver.
    The problem is that the mostly used ones, MidiYoke and Maple, are not disegned for windows 7 64 bits.
    So, in case you are using this OS, now there is a very nice solution. Loopmidi do the same than the mentioned mididrivers. Additionaly you can create or delete any number of midi ports from the system tray without reset the system. I have tryed it, and appear very nice.
    You can download it, in case you need it, here (it also works with 32 bit OS)

    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: MidiYoke, MapleMidi drivers for Windows 7 64 bits

    Thank you! I as looking for a Win7x64 virtual midi driver

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