All, been really getting into electroacoustic artists like Jacaszek, Rafael Irisarri, etc.

In listening to a lot of these artists, I 'hear' what they're doing in regards to samples, production techniques, etc, but I'm really stumped how these artists construct and build their compositions.

frex, here's a tune by Jacaszek, 'Powoli':

the 'constructing' I'm talking about kicks in around the 1:00, 1:30 mark.

Is there a 'bridge' app between a sampler like Kontakt and a DAW?

Audiomulch is sort of in the ballpark but it seems geared toward looping/droning for live and performance applications.

Renoise seems close in that you load various samples in a sequence-like fashion but the 'vertical workflow' motif they employ seems outright unnatural to me.

I've tried Mixtikl (as both a VST and iPad app) and it's very cool for generative music type stuff, but again it's mostly for looping or drones and not composing per se.

I've written a few pieces in Logic but it seems to be a very slow slog for composing this kind of material. Using Logic's automation features gets me close to the results I'm hearing in my head, but even that 'automation' is requiring boatloads of hand-tuning, etc.

ps -- sorry if this isn't the appropriate forum. :/