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Topic: GPO4 and SynthFont?

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    GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Has anybody here successfully used GPO4 with SynthFont?

    I am considering buying GPO4, although I'm rather new to sample banks. I've used Synthfont with different soundfonts for years now, but GPO used as a VST-instrument appears to be a whole different beast. I've read through the manual and obviously it strongly depends on the correct usage of MIDI-controllers... probably something I need to get a hang of. Do those two work together at all?

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Hi Laserschwert,

    Welcome to the board! You can use Synthfont right alongside GPO/Aria inside your sequencer without any trouble. Just load an instance of each. Yes, GPO does require a little more controller usage than your average soundfont to obtain its maximum potential, but the learning curve is pretty quick.

    If you have any other questions before pulling the trigger, the group here is extremely friendly and will gladly answer them.


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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Thanks for the reply :-) But I think you got me wrong:

    Actually I'm not using SynthFont inside my sequencer (that would be the ancient Voyetra MIDI Orchestrator, which ist purely external, without any VST support), but as the main (standalone) application! Usually I use it to assign Soundfonts to the several preset changes, as well as VST effects. And now, instead of using Soundfonts, I'm considering going a step further and using GPO as a VST-instrument (which SynthFont does support, although I don't know how good it works in conjuction with GPO).

    I assume using a freeware/donationware tool like SynthFont as the main app isn't really that common around these boards...

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Hi, Laserschwert

    It's an interesting question, and I'm not positive about what the answer is. You've probably seen this, but here's the link to the SynthFont Forum where users help each other out with questions like yours:

    SynthFont Forum

    GPO is a sample library which is accessed through the Aria sample player. Not having experience with SynthFont, I don't know how Aria/GPO could be used inside SynthFont - but from looking at that Forum just now, I feel rather sure you could get some good info.

    Best of luck with it all!


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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    I have used Synthfon for several things (it even supports sfz now), and is a very nice software, a little buggy maybe. ARIA is a non-problematic VSti, i guess you will be fine. I will try it this weekend to see if all works ok.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Quote Originally Posted by marce View Post
    I will try it this weekend to see if all works ok.
    Great, thanks!

    According to Kenneth, the developer of SynthFont, he has used an older version of GPO with Synthfont and it did work. I guess, though, that he didn't necessarily tested out every possible case (I'm especially interested in the performace of ARIA when using multiple instances of it).

    Still, it looks like I need to get a new sequencer, as you can't create most of the needed MIDI-controllers in SynthFont. Is there any cheap or maybe even free sequencer software our there, that allows a beginner like me to at least edit existing MIDI files and add controllers and keyswitches without too much hassle?

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    The VSTi version of Synthfont can be used like any other VSTi (such as GPO) within any VST hosting program... so you can definitely use GPO alongside your old sounds with Synthfont as well (I have a few old soundfont samples which I just can't get rid of quite yet mysefl!)

    For a sequencer on the cheap, you could download Reaper, which is an all out DAW, and try it out. The 'demo' version is completely uncrippled (other than a short reminder screen when you start it up), so you can try out everything it's got, and the price at $40 for a non-commercial license/$150 for a commercial license is hard to beat. It's MIDI-editing interface needs some refinement still, but it's a place to start. It'll host VST's, so you can load up GPO, VSTSynthFont, etc.
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Reaper looks great... definitely a step up for me, and at a really fair price too!

    I think it's decided: GPO4, Reaper and the VSTi-version of SynthFont will be my new companions Thanks for your help, everybody!

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    Quote Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
    Reaper looks great... definitely a step up for me, and at a really fair price too!

    I think it's decided: GPO4, Reaper and the VSTi-version of SynthFont will be my new companions Thanks for your help, everybody!
    Hi. Good you are going that way. Reaper have a good performance even in low end machines.
    I tryed ARIA inside Synthfont and it works, i loaded 6 instances and no problem. Performance and cpu use is not, appear to be, so good like, let say, a dedicated sequencer. But i believe that it is not related to ARIA.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO4 and SynthFont?

    So, yesterday I got GPO4 and am still playing around with the evaluation version of Reaper. The basics are pretty easy, and you can hear my first result over at the Listening Room.

    Before that I tried using GPO in SynthFont, and you're right, it works without problems. But since I need more control over the MIDI-controllers to unleash the full potential of GPO, Reaper will probably be the way to go, with SynthFontVSTi handling the soundfonts.

    I already like Reaper a lot, pretty straight forward interface, fast and intuitive. Basic editing and MIDI handling was a snap to learn, and I know I've only scratched the surface so far. Well, now I just need to learn some basics about audio-mixing... my use of equalizers and compressors is more a trial and error thing, and I don't really know how to achieve "good sound"... or what it consists of. I bet there are even several tools ("spectral analyses" and stuff like that) which can actually SHOW if something "sounds" good... or at least helps with it.

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