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Topic: Curious about "Wizard of Oz"

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    Curious about "Wizard of Oz"

    The new Andrew Lloyd Webber production of "The Wizard of Oz" opens this week in London. I understand he and Tim Rice composed four new songs for the production.

    I am curious as to how well those songs fit into the fabric of that musical, which was created a generation before they were born. I have seen additions and changes made to contemporary productions, but I have never seen new material successfully spliced into older, established productions before.

    If any of you happen to see that production, please give us a rundown.

    Thank you.
    Arvid Hand

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    Re: Curious about "Wizard of Oz"

    Hi Bionicbub,

    Sounds interesting to me too.

    I haven't seen the 'Oz' production, but recently saw "Mary Poppins" on B'way. Several new songs were composed for the stage musical (paralleling what's going on with 'Oz' that you mention) and I have to say: The new material fit seamlessly into the show. I had to check asterisks to see who wrote what!

    One of the new songs, "Practically Perfect" (a full production number) may have been the best song in the entire show (and there are some chestnuts in there that the Sherman brothers composed 50 years ago).

    I think the success of integrating new material into a stage musical is helped a lot by creative and consistent arranging and orchestrating. They certainly did their homework with "Poppins".



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