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Topic: HELP!!!!!! with editing a .gig file

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    HELP!!!!!! with editing a .gig file

    I recently bought PMI FortePiano samples for a project I am working on. I know, it's ancient Giga technology, but Gigastudio is the only sampler I have that plays .gig files. There is a REALLY annoying high volume level of the release samples, resulting in just sounds like a double attack when the note is played and released. I dope at Sampletek I have been talking to and even the maker of the samples (Michiel Post) have no clue how to lessen the volume of the release. Does anyone here know what parameter I would need to change in Giga Editor to make this happen?



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    Re: HELP!!!!!! with editing a .gig file

    I recall having the same issue with the Giga Piano in GS3. The notes would repeat upon release of the key with a much softer but noticeable sound. I couldn't find a solution and purchased another piano. I eventually gave up on GS3 and went to GVI also.

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    Re: HELP!!!!!! with editing a .gig file

    I actually figured out how to do it in "quick Edit", by changing the release trigger mode, But I can't save that. I need to know how to change it for good in Giga Editor.

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