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Topic: X samples kick A**

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    X samples kick A**

    Let me say that i recently purchased volumes 9, 10, 11 and 12 of X samples.

    You can NOT go wrong with these disks.

    Disc 9 is worth just the kazoo and jew\'s harp alone!!!!!!!! I write kid\'s music and these are perfect!!! and the percussion is sampled so well...so many useful, creative sounds!!

    The strings are amazing!! They are so amazing that you don\'t need to think of these samples as the \"ones\" that you blend with the other samples that sound better. they are the better sounding samples and stand alone beautifully.

    If you have any doubt whether the strings will be quality...worry no more. Buy \'em!

    Same goes for the clarinet disk. Same high quality and reliability as the Double reed Volume 4.

    I don\'t work for x samples.

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    Re: X samples kick A**


    what is your favorite piano sound. Have you heard the Holy Grail piano for Giga yet?


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    Re: X samples kick A**

    Hello Marty,

    thank you for this compliments.
    We like to hear, that our customers are satisfied in such a way.

    Georg - Xsample

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    Re: X samples kick A**

    I don\'t have a favorite piano sound. I rarely ever use piano. And when I do, I use the Gigapiano. It suffices for me. I can tell it\'s not the most subtle piano for dynamics, but it works for the few times I need it.

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    Re: X samples kick A**

    Marty, etal,

    I\'m just recently starting to explore the commercially available libraries. Can you tell me the full name of the \"X\" sample libraries? I tried a search on \"X Samples\" and a few other combinations of \"gigasampler\" and \"X\" etc, and didn\'t get the right answer.

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    Re: X samples kick A**

    or easier: http://www.xsample.de



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