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Topic: Omnisphere 1.5-Liquid sky

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    Omnisphere 1.5-Liquid sky

    here is the first clip of 5 that features a soundtrack that is made using only sounds from the current 1.5 update of Omnisphere.
    I used 8-10 parts in each.

    hope you enjoy

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.5-Liquid sky

    I really like your composition and videos. Right now I am watching liquid sky

    Few questions though.. did you take videos by yourself??

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.5-Liquid sky

    Thank you Nick.
    I do have a HD cam but my cameramanskills are really limited.
    For my clips i use footage from companies like Digital Juice, Footagefirm, Pond5 and istockphoto.
    To make sure they look a bit unique i run them thru all kinds of color filters and layerthem etc.
    Its a bit like working with drumloops really.
    Nothing wrong with it as long as one customises at least a little bit IMO.

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