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Topic: Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more

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    Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more


    trying to wrap my head around Trilian's various articulations.

    First, am I crazy, or did Spectrasonics *not* set up fretless multis? I see chapman, fender, retro, studio, etc, but I see no fretless multis preset.

    So, with no fretless multis set up, I decide it's easy enough to do my own. Select Jaco full range for part 1, Jaco gliss up for part 2, etc.

    What I'm noticing is in a lot of patch descriptions is a term like 2X velo-switch, 3X velo-switch, etc. What is this?

    For instance, you'll see something like 4X velo-switch sustain -> gliss up. I'm assuming that if you're using a 'sustain' patch, that if a second note is played at 4x the velocity of the previous note, a 'gliss up' will be triggered for the second note?

    Before I even dig into multiple articulations in Live mode, I'm concerned about switching on the fly, live, to trigger the various patches. I'm a bass player by trade, so my dexterity on the keys isn't best. If patches can trigger other patches based on velocity that would be great (and would be double great if that velocity threshhold was editable).

    Sorry for the questions, but the reference guide is a solid primer to get started, but I didn't see anything in the guides in regard to things like velocity switching.

    Does anyone know of good user tutorials? The spectrasonic live tutorial vid is good and helped me understand things a bit more, but it's an omnisphere live tutorial and doesn't help me grasp understanding switching in/out of various bass articulations vs. omnisphere's layering various synth patch.

    My idiocy comes down to not quite grokking latch, touch and switch functions for midi cc and key select modes.

    Basically, my parts are generally quick with lots of frequent but brief bursts of vibrato, gliss, harmonics, etc, so I'm really trying to understand how to play a full or sustained fretless patch with frequent forays into other articulations and seemlessly trigger them without giving myself carpal tunnel.

    Worst case, I could record at a low bpm and then manually tighten up in the piano roll.

    Any input appreciated!

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    Re: Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more

    I believe that "x' refers to how many different samples it will access depending on the velocity that you strike the note.
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    Re: Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more

    To get the most out of a multi i would suggest that you only use the patches that contain only one single articulation (sustain, stacatto, harmonics, gliss)
    I play the basspart using the patch in part1 (sustain) and then change the midichannel for the notes that i want to sound with a different articulation afterwards in the Logic event editor.
    That way i dont have to memorize any keyswitches and my score looks nice and tidy.

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    Re: Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more

    Geographical Nation

    a blast !!

    Your work always as good as ever


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    Re: Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more

    Thank you Nova! There is a whole lot more in the works!

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