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Topic: Voyage for Orchestra

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    Voyage for Orchestra


    It has been a while (years!) since I have last posted something. Still composing just been lazy in posting.
    Looking forward to listening to everyone's music
    Here is my first orchestral piece -- Voyage. I need to work with playback a bit -- a few instruments (cymbals, etc) don't play and for winds and brass with > 1 instrument per staff only one plays. Nevertheless, gives a reasonable idea of what the piece should sound like.



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    Re: Voyage for Orchestra

    very interesting music, quite evocative.

    I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "more than 1 instrument per staff".
    I hope you don't mean that you have (for instance) 2 flutes sharing a staff, and playing the exact same material?

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    Re: Voyage for Orchestra

    I thought it was very well done and you handled the interesting instrumentation with notable skill.
    It reminded me a bit of Scheherazade for some reason, not a bad thing, really.

    Quite enjoyable, thanks for sharing!

    best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Voyage for Orchestra

    Good and interesting piece. I think sd cisco was reminded of Scheherazade because of the scales used at some points and the fact that the piece frequently moves between just two chords, while stretching the tension, so to speak. But that he makes such a comparison says a lot: Rimsky was a good composer and perhaps an even better orchestrator. And I agree that the comparison is valid. Your piece is good, and indeed suggests a voyage. It's structurally consistent, the orchestration makes it lively, and the use of the Arabic (?) scale just works without sounding artificial. Really good job.

    BTW if you want to have two or three solo instruments play the same line, use the Plr1, Plr2 and Plr3 patches. You can even play them together from the same staff if you assign them to the same MIDI channel.

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    Re: Voyage for Orchestra

    That is a nice piece and especially the orchestration.

    So I think you mean for instruments that are sharing staves (e.g. Flutes 1&2 on the same staff) you must have Flute 1 in layer 1 and Flute 2 in layer two or something like that. Is that correct?

    I like the dissonant section as a contrast to the opening very much. Looking forward to hearing more of your work.
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    Re: Voyage for Orchestra

    Great work! For me it definitely evokes the feeling of being on a mysterious voyage over dark waters; especially those water-wave-scales around 2:25. I also love the orchestration around 4:05 ... very mysterious.
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