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Topic: Help`, please!

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    Help`, please!

    Help! Please!

    ( I am Canadian but in Mexico until May, so cut off from ready available help)

    I have a simple system, M Audio 2496 soundcard, Sonar 6 SE and a Casio USB keyboard I use for input MIDI.
    I used GVI last year here without any problems. I also have now G-Player.
    When I arrived here two months ago, my MB fried, because of the salty sea-air, installed a new one, Pentium 2.6, I have 2 M RAM.
    In the stand alone mode both GVI and G-player (not at the same time of course) are working, including the MIDI inputs from the keyboard are working fine.
    But, when I try to use Sonar, while both VSTs are registered properly, I can not get a peep out of them. Depending on what I set as inputs and outputs on the Sonar tracks, and what I set in MIDI devices and Instruments, sometimes Sonar crushes.
    ( where my very limited knowledge would expect GVI 16 channels or G-Player 16 channels) All combinations I tried and I have only a few hairs on my head which I did not tear out yet.
    On the track view, and setting iIt looks that the only options I have in MIDI Devices are the Casio’ s MIDI IN and OUT, and the DELTA MIDI. If I select Delta MIDI, no signal from the Casio, if I select Casio MIDI, the keyboard’s speakers are used. Under Instruments I have only Casio’s 16 channels nputs and outputs, I think last year I was able to direct outputs to the soundcard, I maybe wrong), which I can not do now, because it is not there as an option.
    Any help would be greatly received and a huge margarita would be consumed for the health of the Samaritan.
    Ted Vanya


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    Re: Help`, please!

    I'm using GVI in Sonar 5 PE. I'm not sure I can help you but the first thing I would ask is do you have the latest version of GVI?


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