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Topic: Omnisphere - Sustain not working

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    Omnisphere - Sustain not working

    I have the sustain Icon highlighted in the edit mode and the "1" Selected as the Sustain Mode. When I record, I have "64" midi messages sent to my DAW but it doesn't seem to be sustaining the notes in Omnisphere.

    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Omnisphere - Sustain not working

    Well, I got it to work using my Akai LPK25. However, I haven't been able to get it to working using my old Juno-2 as a controller. It appears the Juno-2 is sending the messages, but it appears on Midi 8 instead on Midi 1. I think I should just break down and buy a real USB controller with all the knobs and sliders to handle multi-controls in real-time.

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    Re: Omnisphere - Sustain not working

    just make sure your controller is sending on the correct midichannel
    thats true for any controller- USB or MIDI

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