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Topic: Does this sound like anything to you?

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    Does this sound like anything to you?

    I need another set of ears to listen to a piece I'm sketching out... This piece is for a competition, so I need to be sure I didn't accidentally borrow the melody from something else. It comes in at 0:38 into the piece. It sounds familiar to me, and I can't think of what it is. I'm not sure if it's a theme from something else, or if it just reminds me of something. So frustrating.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Does this sound like anything to you?


    Doesn't remind me of anything I've ever heard.

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    Re: Does this sound like anything to you?

    No, not at all. Contemplative. Like it. Did you record acoustic instruments, or use VSTi samples? Articulations, nuances, vibrato and tone colors sound very realistic. S.

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    Re: Does this sound like anything to you?

    Hi Mike. I really liked it and I don't think it's "from anything." Apparently you made it up! Congratulations. Very nice.
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    Re: Does this sound like anything to you?

    It makes me think of Siciliano from Bach's Flute Sonata No. 2, though I wouldn't say it's really 'like it', but does make me think of it.
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    Re: Does this sound like anything to you?

    Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

    @ sylva,

    The guitar is acoustic guitar in the Finale version of GPO under "jazz" instruments. The flute and viola are EWQL SO gold. This particular rendering came straight out of Finale. I was actually extremely pleased at how well the instruments blended together, and have found Garritan instruments some of the very best for featured solo instruments. They work amazingly well with other libraries, and are very easy to blend into the mix. I very much wish Garritan would sell individual instruments, since I'm not interested in a full orchestra/band/etc... there are some solo instruments that I would very much like to own.

    @ reberclark,

    I'm glad you like my little sketch so far. I'll be sure to post the final version of it once I'm done.

    @ Silh,

    I suspect that certain elements of it remind me of various pieces I know, and my brain is taking all these pieces and making me think that the melody is from something else. Like you said, it's not exactly "like" the Bach piece, but it reminds you of it. Though, I must admit when you're the one writing it, the difference between being reminded of another piece and it being like another piece can get blurred, and then the paranoia sets in.

    Thanks again everyone. Now that I'm sure that this really is my own little melody, I can get back to work!

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