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Topic: What are your preferred patches?

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    What are your preferred patches?

    It's been nearly six years since Kontakt 2 came offering scripting, as well as other notable library specific midi plug-ins prior to that.

    I'm kinda curious how people stand these days.
    What is your preferred method to your madness?

    Individual Patches
    Long time tried and true method. I'll be honest, I do still find myself reaching for these sometimes. Old habit I guess? Perhaps, I find when I'm in a zone, no nonsense works best.
    Sometimes realtime playing can be a drag, if it something takes a lot of different articulations to make it convincing. Plus projects can get massive with many midi tracks.
    However, what seems to work, just works.

    Scripted Patches
    I'm not talking about a simple scripted Legato Patch, more like massive-kitchen-sink-does-it-all scripted patches. These just use one midi track. Comes loaded with many features. Works great for realtime playing. However, can be a bite much if you only need a few notes. Comes with a learning curve. Many features are smoke images that can be less convenient to being done the old fashion way.

    So what say you?

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    Re: What are your preferred patches?

    140 views and only 3 votes?

    I'd really like to know what you guys think

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    Re: What are your preferred patches?

    Much prefer scripted patches - I'm still a simple musician, rather than a techy, at heart, and I think in staves. On the other hand I do prefer a DAW to a notation program, so anything that brings everything onto one MIDI track is welcome. I also prefer those that make an attempt at memory saving though - such as the new Sonokinetic approach of loading the articulations you need from one giant script.

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    Re: What are your preferred patches?

    Different libraries will probably lend themselves to different answers. However, when in doubt I like to refer back to an old mentor of mine when he said:

    "Remember, just because it's a feature doesn't mean it is a benefit."

    Zem Brooker

    Principal Researcher, Audio Genetics Lab

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    Re: What are your preferred patches?

    Apologies for asking clarification. When you say, "scripted patches", do you mean that a given software instrument with all of its articulations can be played with only 1 intense on a midi track? Like, for example, all one needs to do for one instance of a "scripted patch" for a violin sound is use different key-switches and other midi controls to "activate" the different articulations??!!?? Is this what you mean??

    If this is what you mean then I whole-heartedly say that I prefer scripted patches.

    I keep all of the manuals of all instrumental libraries near me just so that I can refer to them for the different functions for the different key-switches and midi controls for each instrument. LOL! Ultimately, for me, its a time saver. Also, I'd rather do it this way than have lots and lots and lots of midi channels for each articulation of each instrument. Having to navigate through all of those midi tracks just for one instrument would drive me nuts! (And it doesn't take much to drive me nuts! LOL! )

    To all you software developers: THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the time, energy and patience to create those scripted patches!! I can only imagine that creating these "all-in-one" patches is on freakin' pain in the buttocks!! But they help make the creative process easier to flow from inspiration to actualization. Again. . . THANK YOU!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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