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Topic: Country music with notation software?

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    Country music with notation software?

    I was wondering if notation software such as Sibelius or Finale can be used for writing country style music. Most of those software programs seem geared toward orchestral music. I generally like writing orchestral music myself, but I wanted to try my hand at writing other styles of music, especially country.

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    Re: Country music with notation software?

    I just came across this question. I realize it was written about 60 days ago and Connie may not even be looking for answers anymore. I hasten to add I'm not a music professional, or even a notation software expert....but...
    a couple of things ran through my mind. First off, do country music producers ever expect their musicians to require a real score? It is my understanding that the backup players simply are given a chord chart with the Nashville numbering system (I,IV,V,etc.) and kind of wing it from there.

    But then, I remember that for example in the musical "Oklahoma" there is some country and western stuff played by orchestral instruments, so I guess its a legitimate thing to do to write country music using Sibelius or Finale.

    Finally, I'm wondering if there is anything so special with country music timing or dynamics that it would be hard to capture with conventional notation. And I guess thats really the heart of the question.

    Pardon me, all, for simply thinking out loud.


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