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Topic: Question for all fellow composers

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    Question for all fellow composers

    Does any of you guys have expirience in working on japan anime industry?

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    Re: Question for all fellow composers

    Although I have no experience of working in the Anime industry I would imagine that it’s pretty hard for a Westerner to break into Japanese Anime. You\'ll not only have to be a versatile composer but also a fluent Japanese speaker and preferably living in Japan.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Question for all fellow composers

    that\'s true for most of the jobs in anime, but sometimes they do contract \"outsider\" composers. But the language barier is definetly a problem....

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    Re: Question for all fellow composers

    I\'m no so sure about the comosing side, but I do know they do alot of Audio post when \"localizing\" an anime. Usually they just reuse the japanese soundtrack..but maybe....jsut maybe.....they might want to rescore the pic.

    then again, I don\'t know if Id ever want to rescorea pic by say Yoko Kanno or Kenji Kawai...that would be anime sacrilidge...

    I do believe taht alot of them could benefit from better scores.....unless of course you like taht guitar pop, wank fest stuff that gets thrown in lot of the time

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Question for all fellow composers

    ...no I\'m not a huge fan of that pop guitar thing...
    It\'s just strange that there are zillions of anime movies/series out there, ranging from unwatchable to few brilliant ones, and all of them have scores, yet, it\'s really hard to find someone who actually worked on the score...

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