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Topic: GAS and cubase 6 x64 massive noise level spikes

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    GAS and cubase 6 x64 massive noise level spikes

    I've just been working on a track in cubase 6 x64 using the player perspective GAS and all of a sudden the GAS track emitted a LOUD distorted noise from the right channel, it nearly blew my monitors!!

    I've tried reinstalling and it's just done it again,very nasty, it looks a bit the old fashioned denormal issues we used to get with some plug ins.

    I can't chance blowing my monitors so have to shelve this until I get some feedback here.


    i7 920/12 gigs ram/SSD OS/Spinpoint F3's for samples/win7 x64

    MR816 interfaces at 128 sample buffer

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    Re: GAS and cubase 6 x64 massive noise level spikes

    Do you have version 1.04 installed?
    If you don't, download and install it from:
    I'm not aware of any issue like this with 1.04, which is definitely the baseline for what you should be using. For what it's worth I'm not aware of that sort of issue with earlier versions either, but the earlier versions have not been in use for nearly as long as 1.04.
    Also, what edition of the Steinway do you have?
    If you already have 1.04 or if the problem still comes up, I strongly suggest you email support at Garritan for help:

    Hope this helps

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    Re: GAS and cubase 6 x64 massive noise level spikes

    Thanks jeff

    I'm using 1.04 and it's the full pro version I've got. Been running the same project in Reaper x64 and it's fine so must be a new problem with the new cubase 6.


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