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Topic: Omnisphere and Midi CC

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    Omnisphere and Midi CC

    I'm trying to automate Omnisphere within logic. I know I can enable host automation but I'd really like to use MIDI CC automation if possible.

    As I understand it, Omnisphere by default is mapped to cc7 for each of the channel faders. Logic however uses cc7 for the main volume of the plugin and this can't be changed..right? So, I've seen how you can user transformers to change cc data to fader data for RMX but it doesn't look like Omnisphere is built the same. I tried using a hardware controller to midi learn the midi CCs but my transformer must not be setup correctly because it wasn't really working. Everything only changed for channel 1 of omnisphere. I'd really like to say use one midi CC (say number 72) but change that with a transformer so each channel is effected. Does that make sense? Is it possible? I'd like to use one Midi CC that works to change the volume but based on the midi channel of my track, it would effect only that channel. Surely this is possible? Is it easy?


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    Re: Omnisphere and Midi CC

    That should just work. If it's not working for you, I would guess you're doing things in an unusual way. Simply select the multitimbral option when you create your track. After that, selecting a track that corresponds to a part in Omnisphere will channelize the midi CC events to the appropriate MIDI channel for the corresponding part in Omnisphere.

    Regarding CC7, yes Logic steals that and won't pass it to plugins. Just assign a different CC to your MIDI control, and then MIDI learn it to the desired parameters in Omnisphere.
    Glenn O

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