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Topic: In Memoriam: Mark Walsen

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    In Memoriam: Mark Walsen

    I am saddened to bring you the news of Mark Walsen's passing.

    Mark was a true genius and pioneer in notation software. He combined his passion for music with his 30+ years of experience in software development. Prior to founding notation.com, he worked many years at Microsoft and was their first program manager for the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).

    Mark did graphical sequencing in notation years before anyone else did. His vision was to make music software that every musician could use. He was one of the nice people I've met and one of my heroes.

    The world has lost a great man and he will be missed. Our condolences to Mark's family.

    In deep sympathy,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: In Memoriam: Mark Walsen

    God bless and good speed, Mark; and my
    deepest condolences to the family.

    The world's lost one of its gentlemen; but
    his contributions will have an influence on
    all of us for years to come.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: In Memoriam: Mark Walsen

    I give condolences as well. God Bless and God speed.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
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    Re: In Memoriam: Mark Walsen

    To most, Mark was a friend never met in person, but a true friend. Mark has enriched the lives of many of us by creating highly versatile notation software, intuitive and true to principles of music creation.

    I was privileged to be a beta tester for many years, taking part in countless discussions with Mark and a group of dedicated friends. I came to appreciate Mark’s intellect and creative mind, but also his always prevailing gentleness.

    Mark will be missed by musicians in many countries around the world.

    As always to Mark with best wishes


    PS. Notation.com is likely to maintain its software development of Notation Composer and allied products by the efforts of notation.com’s co-owner Sherry Crann. Sherry has been very active, is well-liked and respected for her contributions.
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    Re: In Memoriam: Mark Walsen - I just wanted to say thanks...

    Mark was a truly inspirational individual. The world will not be same without him.

    I met Mark when I was 11 years old and new him until his passing. His influence was instrumental in my choosing a path towards a music career and later starting my own internet company. As a youngster, he let me make recordings in his studio, lent me his synthesizer, gave me music notation software, and later was in invaluable resource when I had questions about running an online business. He was a great man and role model.

    I will never forget Mark Walsen, or the gifts he shared with us.

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    Re: In Memoriam: Mark Walsen

    Hi everyone,
    I didn't know this man but want to offer my condolences to the folks who do.
    It looks like it has been about one year since his passing.
    I also want to applaud the many accomplishments that this man obviously made in many areas,
    but especially those in the area of music.


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