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Topic: Need a bit of help re-installing libraries

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    Need a bit of help re-installing libraries


    I own the original GPO, Gofriller cello, and Stradivari violin libraries. I've recently moved up to a 64 bit DAW setup.. however, I don't seem to be able to retrieve my old registration info for these libraries on this site..

    Do I need to just install the sounds themselves, then go over to NI for a newer Kontakt player?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Need a bit of help re-installing libraries

    Hi there,

    The registration info for the Kontakt Player libraries should still be available on the Native Instruments site. Log in to your account there and download the latest Service Center client, as well as the GPO-KP2 upgrade and any other updates to Kontakt Player. Install Service Center.

    Install GPO, Gofriller, and Stradivari from their DVDs, but leave the Service Center option unchecked during install. Run the new version from the NI website to authorize everything. Following that, run the updaters you downloaded from the NI site (run 2.3, followed by 2.4), then re-run SC to make sure everything is authorized following the KP updates to 2.4.

    After that, you should be good to go! Except for upgrading to GPO4-Aria, of course, which is very simple when compared to the above process

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    Re: Need a bit of help re-installing libraries

    Thanks Reegs, I appreciate the quick response!!

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