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Topic: Question for Simon Ravin

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    Question for Simon Ravin

    Hey Simon, I just listened to a demo on your melomaniac website called Wandering. What strings did you use or combine? The violins sound fantastic. Also do you use your keyboard for expression or volume control or an external device? Nice work.

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    Re: Question for Simon Ravin

    Thanks for the compliments. I used mainly Kirk Hunter for viola+violins and maybe the cello is from Hunter too, but I THINK bass+cello are from Miroslav. I used a couple of different bass+cello patches to get a more \'mixed\' feeling, which IMHO wasn\'t a complete success. The violins+violas sound pretty OK though.

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    Re: Question for Simon Ravin

    I forgot the 2nd half of your question... Yes I use a slider on my XP-50 for volume control, although I´d like one of those Kenton Control Freaks....!

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