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Topic: Aria Player and Midi Playback

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    Aria Player and Midi Playback

    Posted this is the wrong spot so reposting here.

    've just upgraded to sib 6.2 and purchased gpo4. when I try to use the aria player to play/edit a midi file (following the directions in the manual) I don't get anything in the player, the message by the playback slider just says 'empty'. Any guesses as to what i'm doing wrong?

    thanks, Richard

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    Re: Aria Player and Midi Playback

    Have you loaded an instrument into the player?


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    Re: Aria Player and Midi Playback

    Yes I loaded the steinway then tried to open a midi file with no results, Thanks.

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    Re: Aria Player and Midi Playback

    Are you trying to use the MIDI functionality inside Sibelius? It needs to be running in standalone mode for that.

    My hunch is that the MIDI file you're using might have its data on a channel other than the slot on which you've loaded an instrument. Try loading an instrument on several different slots or changing the MIDI input on the loaded piano to Omni. Did that make a difference?

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    Re: Aria Player and Midi Playback

    thanks for the replies. Turned out the problem was that I was trying to load midi files from 'file>load' instead of using the load button at the bottom.

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