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Topic: Atonement to a Centaur

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    Smile Atonement to a Centaur

    This is a serial improvisational piece (excepting some drum loops) – all of the instruments, African log drum, Nigerian log drum, Krin slit drum, Teponaxtli, Toere, Kaekeeke, Kalaau, Hyoushigi, Temple blocks, Agogo Block, Bassoon, Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn, Flute x 2, Harp, are from Garritan Personal Orchestra and World sample sets.


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    Re: Atonement to a Centaur

    Wow, like the elaborate set of percussion. Haven't heard of most of them.
    It's nice when you get exposed to new musical ideas and instruments.

    A very enjoyable listen. Very different and creative.
    ...just now realizing this is improvisational... most impressive.

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    Re: Atonement to a Centaur

    very cool, besides, I'm a percussionist. How could I not like it?

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    Re: Atonement to a Centaur

    thank you both for the listen and comment!!

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