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Topic: GPO 4 with the Aria player - finally!

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    GPO 4 with the Aria player - finally!

    I finally got off me ar.. and purchased the upgrade of my old GPO. Installation went smooth.
    Loaded a few instruments into the standalone player. And everything works very good.

    There is however a few nags I'd like to point out for future upgrades:

    Use more screen-estate!! We've got plenty now! Generally people are set up with
    large displays, and sometimes multiple ones (like me).

    I'd love to be able to get a larger image. Changing the screen itself is no option - ofcourse.

    Thing is - I'm getting old here... At 52 I my eyes aren't what they used to be, so I like to be able to zoom in on stuff.

    Another thing that have annoyed me since the first version is to browse as much as four menus for choosing instruments. And the option is still like it used to be on the old Kontakt-player. Again - the solution is to use more screen-estate!

    Apart from those tiny nags - GREAT STUFF. EASY TO USE!
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    Re: GPO 4 with the Aria player - finally!

    I think that the mode of instrument selection is necessary if we are going to have such comprehensive libraries.

    I have GPO4 and the World Library, and I am completely overwhelmed by the vast content in these libraries.

    In a way though, I am already getting used to the method which is quite fast.

    I wouldn't mind if the Aria player went through a little visual overhaul though. It is a bit dark for my taste.

    Maybe they'll let us do our own skins someday...

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    Re: GPO 4 with the Aria player - finally!

    *points to a suggestion post he made a few months ago*


    Please... pretty please!
    -- Matt Wong

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