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Topic: Omni Live App - where is it?

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    Omni Live App - where is it?

    It seems the Omni Live iPhone/iPod App is no longer available in the App Store. Is that because of the upcoming Omnisphere 1.5 upgrade? Various links around the net to the Omni Live App also seem to have stopped working.

    macbook pro 13", pcr-800, remote 25sl compact, microkey37, lpk25, reason 7.0.1, live 9.0.4, omnisphere 1.5.6d, trilian 1.4.1d, stylus rmx 1.9.6e

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    Re: Omni Live App - where is it?

    Yes....it's now discontinued and will be replaced shortly with the new Omni TR app for the iPad.

    Omni Live was mainly a little experiment to see if the concept could work. Now all the features are incorporated into Omni TR.

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    Re: Omni Live App - where is it?

    ...and when this update will be available?

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    Re: Omni Live App - where is it?

    Read around the forum and you will find your answer (and in the process see what else it can do)

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    Re: Omni Live App - where is it?

    , mea culpa. I read this information - February 15th, 2011 - several times, and it always sounds in my head "in the middle of THIS month" :-).
    Sorry for not-so-wise question, and thanks for kind answer :-)

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