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Topic: Migrating GS4 to a 64-bit machine...

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    Migrating GS4 to a 64-bit machine...

    Hi everybody,

    I am setting up a new Win7 64-bit PC... a couple of questions have arisen, and I hope that someone can point me in the right direction, suggest a M to RTF, etc.

    (1) I see that GS4 won't run (and can't even be installed) on the 64-bit OS until I buy an RME card with GSIF 2.1 drivers. That I can do...

    ... but before I do that, I'm still trying to figure out whether/how GS4 (64-bit) will work with Cubase (64-bit), since there is no 64-bit Rewire. I've always used GS3/GS4 in Rewire mode, so I've never learned any other way. (How) can I get everyone to play together in true 64-bit glory?

    (2) In a different thread here, a registry hack was given for allowing GS4 to communicate with the eLicenser on a 64-bit machine.

    I have licenses for GS4, GVI4, Cubase, and several other apps, all on one eLicenser. Cubase, for example, works fine right now, although GS4 doesn't see the dongle. If I make these registry changes, will it break Cubase and the other non-TASCAM apps, and prevent them from seeing the eLicenser?

    (3) In this post:

    http://www.pcaudiolabs.com/customer_support.asp?searchtb=2010832132855776&bb= tec hbase

    ... they refer to the "64-bit version of the syncrosoft/eLicenser driver"...

    I just downloaded the latest version of the eLicenser software from Steinberg, and there is only one file available for download. It was automatically installed into the (x86) folder in Win7... so where is this ""64-bit version" of which they speak?!?!?

    — alanb




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    Re: Migrating GS4 to a 64-bit machine...

    GS4 installs and works fine on a Win7 64 machine without a registry hack.
    GVI does not. Installing GVI will break both licenses for GS4 and GVI.
    I can't help with Cubase, I am using Sonar.


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    Re: Migrating GS4 to a 64-bit machine...

    Hey JW...

    GS4 (64-bit) would, technically install on my machine, but it threw a series of "SYNSOPOS"-related error messages during the installation process. Whenever I tried to launch it, afterwards, it couldn't see the eLicenser.

    The GS4 (32-bit) installer would not run on my machine at all. The error message said that it could not be run on a 64-bit machine.


    The answer to my first question should be the same regardless of whether we're talking about Sonar or Cubase.

    When you ran everything on a 32-bit machine, did you use Giga in standalone mode, or was it connected to Sonar through Rewire?

    Are you now running Sonar (64-bit) and GS4 (64-bit)? If so, am I correct that GS4 cannot be used as a Rewire slave device (because there is no 64-bit Rewire)? How then have you configured GS4 to work with Sonar?

    — alanb




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    Re: Migrating GS4 to a 64-bit machine...


    Your problem seems to be multiple licenses. When I installed GS4 64 bit, it installed and ran fine. I then installed GVI, after that neither GS4 nor GVI would run. I could see both licenses in the Syncrosoft window but was unable to select any. I then uninstalled GVI and GS4 has been running without a problem. I did a bunch of heavy duty programming over the weekend without a crash, error message or whatsoever.
    In what Sonar is concerned, I just start it from within GS4. I am not using Rewire. My card is an RME 9630.


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