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Topic: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

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    Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    Right now i have the folowing in my software rack:
    EW Symphonic Orchestra Gold + Close mics.
    EW Symphonic Choirs Expanded.
    EW Pianos.
    EW StormDrums 2 Pro.
    EW Ra.
    EW Goliath.
    EW Voices of Passion.
    Heavyocity's Evolve + NI's Mutations Bundle.
    Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer incl. Dimension Pro 1.5 and Rapture Le.

    I have the money to purchase Omnisphere but (isn't there always a But? ) i have some doubts relating which library would complement better what i have right now.
    For an example, I'm going to work a lot with strings, i know Atmosphere's strings and used it before in a project, is there more strings patches in Omni?
    What i'm looking for is a string library that would complement SO, in a cinematic/synthy way.

    I hope i made my self clear.

    T i a.

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    You don't need to think twice about Omnisphere. It will compliment what you already have and give you tons of options. While not a string library, there are some beautiful string patches and synth patches that sound great both stand-alone and in context with other strings. I have created some gorgeous sounds combining Omnisphere with straight string samples... and that's just scratching the surface. It's a beast!

    Highly recommended. You'll love it.

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    Hi Maclay, thanks for your input.
    I've read many times in forums that the ideal is to have 2 different Strings libraries and
    i was thinking about Omni just because that. Since i don't have Atmosphere i can't really try both in an ensemble.
    I know Omni is so much more than strings. Choirs is also something i could use and ofcourse all the synth features are great.
    Can someone tell me if Omni strings patches, sound exactly the same as the Atmo patches or they sound better even if they are the same?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    Omnispheres audioengine sounds significantly better than Atmospheres which results in a cleaner sound with a brighter top end.
    It also has more stringsounds than Atmosphere.
    The new Powerstrings will give you a much more pronounced attack and there is a bunch of retrostyle stringsounds that are very useful too.
    Last but not least i find the sounds in Omnisphere to be perfect companions to enhance conventional orchestrations. It really adds another dimension or two.

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    That's what i wanted to hear!
    Thanks Hans for your input, most appreciated.
    I'm sold.

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    Omnisphere is a fantastic product from a great company. Spectrasonics doesn't treat customers like adversaries. The product continues to grow and improve, in fact another free update with new functionality, iPad support and yet more free sounds will be out in the next few weeks.

    There is absolutely no down side to Omnisphere, it's awesome.

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    Very true Tarkio,
    the improvements that Spectrasonics has added over the last two years are totally mindblowing and came totally free of charge. And even 1.0 was already totally killer!
    This definetly must be the best since sliced beats no doubt!

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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    I do not know a single composer who has purchased Omnisphere who regrets it.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Need Help: Omnisphere or ...?

    My compositions tend to be orchestral/choral and very traditional. Just the same, Omnisphere is my favorite audio tool, and the first one I go to.

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