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Topic: Ambience in Basic Problems

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    Ambience in Basic Problems

    I seem to be having problems getting the Ambience in the stand alone version of Basic to something. I have switched presets, turned up and down the dry/wet and all the other knobs in it. Was I supposed to load the reverb or something? Anybody know what I am missing? Thanks.

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    Re: Ambience in Basic Problems

    This may be a dumb question, but did you turn it on? You have to load the piano first, and then you can turn on Ambience by using the on/off button located in the upper right of the Ambience section.

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    Re: Ambience in Basic Problems

    Well, I figured it out a while ago by now. In any case since we're on the subject, the problem was that the piano made sound and everything worked, but the entire "space" section did absolutely nothing to the sounds. I installed the samples in a different location and it fixed the problem, not sure why that mattered.


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