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Topic: Tuning Problem

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    Tuning Problem


    I have brought across some midi files generated from Cubase SX3 using JABB1 on a PC and loaded them into Logic 9 using JABB3 on an Imac (OS 10.6.6).

    The tuning is quite clearly out - for one track, the tuning is out by a semitone, almost as if it has been transposed, but for many others, that 'live feel' is only TOO strong i.e. sounding like a not very good out of tune big band! Is there any obvious reason why this should be so? I have removed any pitch bends in the controller lanes. As I am new to logic the answer may be simple but so far I am way lost.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Tuning Problem and Multitimbrality Problem

    Well, I've been in touch with Garritan directly - I am really quite disappointed that no-one from Garritan could bother to answer any of my problems posted here.

    Anyway, KM from support pointed me to

    My tuning problem has now disappeared and I can now control all 16 voices in the Aria player running JABB3 from the Logic 9 mixer - although it seems to be a bit of a workaround. Apparently the video help G talk about is only a competition.

    Hope this helps someone in the absence of anything from Garritan.


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