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Topic: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

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    Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    I am currenly making a Giga-cd and I have some concerns about the installing og Gigastudio:

    Are Gigastudio 160 backward-compatible with Gigasampler?

    How does the old Gigasampler react to Gigs made on Gigastudio? (fx, hihat-mode, etc...)

    Install: Will Gigastudio update/overwrite the old Gigasampler or will it make a new seperat install? (can I keep my old version along with the new?)


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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    The GigaStudio is 100% compatible with the GigaSampler. With the GigaStudio Editor, we created an improved file format v2.0. The GigaSampler v1.x still uses and creates only v1.0 gig files. The GigaStudio fully supports the v1.0 file format. In other words, anything you create with the GigaSampler will work fine on the GigaStudio.

    Installing the GigaStudio will require that you deinstall the GigaSampler. There were too many problems with installing and running these two products on the same machine.

    I hope this answer your questions.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    What about the performances saved in Gigasampler. Is there a way to use them in GigaStudio. I have used so many, I would have to write down all my settings. Thanks

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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    The old performances are compatible. I am not sure if the output assignments are retained. Joe could answer that for you.

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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    Hey Joe...

    You wrote: \"In other words, anything you create with the GigaSampler will work fine on the GigaStudio.\"

    But it is the other way around: Will Gigs made with Giga-STUDIO work on older Gigasamplers? You see it is bad business for me if my opcomming CD will only work with Giga Studio... and when my old gigasampler will be de-installed, I have no way to test it.

    I hope you understand my question now.

    BTW. I look forward to Gigastudio - I should receive it soon, as my Visa was charged 17/5...


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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?


    Good question. I am not sure. Typically, if a file format is increased in version number older version of software have trouble. But knowing the file format, I can\'t imagine why we would have trouble the GigaSampler. Well ... the only way to be sure is to try it out. Give me a day or so, and I will post an answer. I will create a simple instrument with the GigaStudio Editor and try and load it into the GigaSampler.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    Ok, I have an answer - yes. If you create a 2.0 instrument it will still load and play properly in GigaSampler v1.x. The only thing to worry about are some of the new LFO and crossfade modes in v2.0 file format. If you build these new features into your instrument, then GigaSampler v1.x will ignore them.

    Hope this helps

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    Ditto what Joe said. Dave here.
    There are several new features in the 2.0 format that will simply be ignored in a 1.0 GigaSampler. These include the two new LFO modes for the filter and the amplitude and the new crossfade edits. Also, you can have 4 stereo\\8 mono layers instead of 2\\4. Two of the layers will be ignored (if enabled) in the 1.0 GigaSampler. The files load and work though. These new features are a good thing to keep in mind if you are developing instruments that will be commercial or used by other people.
    Take care
    By the way, don\'t forget to congratulate Joe (from NemeSys) on the arrival of his new Daughter.

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    Re: Gigastudio backward-compatibility?

    Thaaaank you Nemesys!!

    \"If you create a 2.0 instrument it will still load and play properly in GigaSampler v1.x\"

    This is wonderful news - This monrning is now very beautyful (though it is raining pretty much)

    and congratulations Jou with your precious little newborn girl!!

    how did you get time to write at all?

    I have 3 sons myself...

    Thanks again and look forward to some quite cool giga-CD\'s soon from SCARBEE.
    I expect the first release late summer.

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