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Topic: Mixing for computer speakers

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    Mixing for computer speakers

    I'm working on a project where the end result will be a Quicktime file that gets seen and heard on a computer using built in speakers. Just wondering if I should go about the audio mixing in the normal way, deferring to my monitors as the standard I'm looking for. Or do I do a final mix letting computer speakers dictate the final result to me?

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    Re: Mixing for computer speakers

    That's a hard one because computer speakers vary so much from brand to brand and even model to model.

    I mix to reference monitors, but will check on PC speakers sometimes to see if there's an overall frequency problem if it is intended for streaming.

    One hurdle is mixing lower frequencies too hot. Sounds good on PC speakers, but sounds too muddy on full frequency speakers.

    Generally though, if it sounds good on reference monitors then most PC speakers will be adequate.

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