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Topic: Purrfect Drums

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    Purrfect Drums

    Is there anyone who\'s bought this sample set who has a few moments to describe it in detail and review it -- in particular some info on how extensively they\'ve sampled each instrument? For example have they used the full 16 velocity levels for, say, the snares, with separate sets for left-right hands, center and near the rim, etc? What about the hi-hats?


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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    The Purrrfect Drums library is excellent. It\'s an absolute steal for the price. $@49 bucks for 8 CD\'s.

    As far as sounds go, the kits are fantastic. There\'s two different types of kits, there\'s th Quickstart kits which load as single gigs and Full Kits which are set up in performances. The kicks, snares and toms are on one channel and the cymbals are on another.

    Unfortunately, because of hard drive space and memory, I haven\'t been able to test the Full Kits, so I\'ve been using the Quickstart kits. They\'re great for just being able to have a full drum kit on the keyboard. From what I\'ve seen in the doccumentation supplied, in the Full Kits, there are things like chokes on the cymbals and things like that. Someone might be able to fill you in on what\'s in the Full Kits.

    Overall the drums are excelllent. The cymbals are the best cymbals I\'ve ever played. You can get some pretty convincing rolls on then.

    They only used a single Yamaha kit with an extra 2 kicks and an extra 3 snares, but what counts is that you\'ve got some pretty usable sounds.

    If you want to use it in conjunction with other libraries, then I\'d suggest just using the Quickstart kits. In the doccumentation, they suggest for the Full Kits to have at least 256 or even better 384 megs of RAM.

    The hi-hats are very realistic. You\'ve got all sorts of variations, half closed, full closed, half open, etc.

    For the money, it\'s the best library out there.

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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    It sounds very promising, but is there no demo to hear?

    If not is is very strange - I wouldn\'t wannna by a library \"blindly\".


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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    In this case I think we\'re talking \'deafly\'

    Agreed, I think it\'s weird that there\'s no demo. Drums have got to be the easiest thing to put a demo together for!

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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    On some of the Cakewalk newsgroups, some of the senior members like Pete Leoni, and Bruce Richardson who also write for prorec.com have said these are the best drums samples they have heard. Acutally their are loads of people on that newsgroup saying they are great

    Pete Leoni built a whole new gigastudio computer dedicated to just Purrrfect Drums.

    About just putting demos up quickly. I think any demo must be musical or you can\'t hear how the instruments fit in the mix. A good example is Dan Dean\'s bass demo\'s. Oh my god, I can\'t tell if the bass samples sound good or not because the demo musically is a joke, I think Band in a box could have done better. J-Slap is at the other extreme, I could listen to those demos all day long just for enjoyment of the music.

    Jim of Studiocat has said he will get a demo up soon. I am sure he is adding other instruments like bass and guitar, etc. Hopefully he will put the complete demo up with the drums also in solo, so you can hear them alone, like Scarbee has done with his Bass demos.


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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damian Smith:
    The Purrrfect Drums library is excellent. It\'s an absolute steal for the price. $249 bucks for 8 CD\'s.

    They only used a single Yamaha kit with an extra 2 kicks and an extra 3 snares, but what counts is that you\'ve got some pretty usable sounds.

    The hi-hats are very realistic. You\'ve got all sorts of variations, half closed, full closed, half open, etc.

    For the money, it\'s the best library out there.

    I\'d add a few things to this.

    First, every drum and cymbal in the collection is hand-picked for the project out of piles of choices. Because Jim knew the degree of detail he\'d be sampling, he had to limit the number of drums and cymbals, so he spared no expense in finding the very best ones he could buy...flying around the country just to listen to what the biggest stores had in stock. In addition to the Yamaha kit\'s toms (which sound killer), Jim had a set of custom Ayotte toms built (wood rims), which are beautiful and add a totally different color.

    The coverage of articulations is massive...yes, for sure, there are 16 layers per instrument. That\'s the very least...most are far more. Matter of fact, the snares are covered by 96 layers and up--we\'re talking left and right hand strikes, you name it. You never get the \"machine gun\" effect, because it\'s virtually impossible to trigger the same strike twice.

    The cymbals are mind-blowers. Depending on the cymbal there\'s anywhere from 16 to hundreds of individual samples. For instance, if you\'ve got a Roland pad set, you can set up a hi-hat to play wide open on rim shot, half choke on pad, stomp on pedal, and when you\'ve got the pedal down, you get two more sets of 16, more tightly choked on the pads.

    I know Jim personally, so I know quite a bit about what he did and how he did it...besides the exhaustive search for the best-sounding drums and cymbals he could find. First, the mic list is phenomenal. You\'re talking C24 for an overhead, here!! The rest of the list is on par with this...I\'d conservatively say there\'s a good $30,000 worth of rare and top-line mics and preamps on the kits. Second, he went to a studio known for getting killer drum sounds, and tuned the drums immaculately. Third, the strikes are well performed, and mapped in a logarithmic array so that they\'re concentrated in the \"sweet spot,\" making it likely you\'ll never likely to trigger the same sample twice in a row even if you\'re not using the multi-hand voicings.

    A couple of things to know about Jim Roseberry. First, he is one of the nicest and most humble guys you will meet on this planet, and you won\'t find him in here tooting his own horn. It\'s just not in his character, as much as I\'ve told him he needs to be shouting from the rooftops about this collection. He just says, \"People will find out about it,\" and apparently he\'s right. Second, he\'s a perfectionist beyond belief, and he spent well over a year just fine-tuning this library. That\'s why there\'s no demo, by the way (and trust me I\'ve talked to him about this <g>). He\'s not just going to throw out a quickie. He\'s working on it, but as per his usual \"nobody hears this until it\'s right\" attitude, he\'s getting studio players from coast to coast on the thing to make it as kicking as possible.

    I can tell you flat out if you want the best sounding drumsets for GigaStudio, these are the ones to get. They are ridiculously, insanely over-the-top in terms of detail. These are eight EXTREMELY compacted discs, and as Damian says, you\'d better order another hard drive along with the set (and RAM if you don\'t have at least 256 Mb...384 to 512 would be better if you want to actually load other things!!). It will not be wasted money. I have actually advised other developers to hold off until these get into circulation...because they\'re so good it may be a moot point to cover the territory!! Someone would have to make a Herculean effort in every aspect of production to come close...Jim set out to make the drumkit library of all times, and he definitely did. My feeling is that these will set the standard for many years to come, and that the need for additional kits will be more in terms of highly specialized sounds. For the basic pop genres, including jazz, pop, rock, country, etc...these drums sound like the best recorded albums on the market.

    By the way, they are somewhat \"radio ready\" in that they sound HUGE (the floor tom and kicks just made me laugh out loud when I first heard them). But they\'re also dry and unprocessed except for the requisite compression to get the signal on tape. By the way, Nick, if you\'re following this, it\'s exactly the kind of drum sound you were talking about--extreme high-dollar polished sound, not garage-like in the least. Very LA. They\'ll take processing well, but are very much in the pocket right out of the box. Raw is not a sound I\'d use to describe them, but they are extremely dynamic.

    If it sounds like this is a glowing heap of praise, it is...and it\'s not because I know Jim. If anything that has made me pretty cautious about even talking about them, but since someone else brought it up, I\'m glad to get the chance. Jim deserves the praise, and you folks deserve the hot tip. This is definitely NOT your typical sampled drumkit in any way...and I have no problem saying you won\'t find another library like this one. For the price, it is a ridiculously good value. A steal...frankly, I\'ve told Jim he\'s crazy for not asking 2 or 3 times as much.

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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    Found it, thanks. 12 gigabytes of samples? Holy Cow! Even compressed, I\'m gonna need another disk, even though I\'ve already got one dedicated to giga...

    I love the incredible stuff we get for GS, but I\'m still blown away by the amount of resources consumed by a modern setup. My monster box is feeling wimpier and wimpier.

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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    I\'ve got a big suggestion for using Purrfect Drums together with any other disk-hungry sound like the GigaPiano. Go SCSI. I know the price is so expensive, but if you\'re working with the drums and a piano at the same time and they both need heavy disk use, then it\'s the best way to go.

    I\'ve got three Cheetah 9-gig drives. One for system and audio stuff (partitioned) and another two for gigs. I\'ve got the drums on one drive and the other drive for other instruments. Especially when you\'re using the ride cymbals in the drums which take about 30 seconds to die out, having this configuration helps immensely. I\'m getting no pops or clicks in the audio at all. Has anyone else been using this sort of configuration with these sorts of results?

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    Re: Purrfect Drums

    Got a pointer to the drums? I couldn\'t find info on it. Also in case anyone knows, do the cymbals use choke groups, and does the lib work well (other than that) with gigasampler.


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