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Topic: Squeaky Shoes -- Latin Jazz using Gpo4

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    Squeaky Shoes -- Latin Jazz using Gpo4

    This song is called "Squeaky Shoes" because one of my kids said the Guica sounds like squeaky shoes. This was my first Jazz piece using GPO, so I thought it would be fun to post. For full disclosure, many things are not GPO. The middle part of the song uses strings, harp, horns, hand bells, and the very excellent flute with flutter. The flute solo near the end was played live including the keyswithing during the performance. No midi editing was done on it.


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    Re: Squeaky Shoes -- Latin Jazz using Gpo4

    A very nice production here!
    Your rendering is top notch...

    A well constructed song. Upbeat and relaxing at the same time. A great combination.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Post more soon...


    PS. Loved that romantic string part near the middle of the work!
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    Re: Squeaky Shoes -- Latin Jazz using Gpo4

    Thanks Michael,

    I was pretty happy with how well the GPO4 instruments fit into a song like that especially unexpected things like handbells and the flute. Hats off to Gary, Tom, and the whole gang at Garritan.com .


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