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Topic: Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!

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    Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!

    I just bought GPO 4 and would like it to be up and running in my Logic 9 set up.

    I watched the tutorials here that point to Logic 7 and how to prepare things in the environment window etc but it´s not quite the same with Logic 9.

    I know how to open up the multiinstrument in Logic with a different output for each part and assign separate AUX channels in the arrange-mixer, swell... BUT - Can anyone here point me to how I can do a set up where I can use the host-automation on each instrument track - also it would be nice to use "freeze" function on the separate tracks.

    Thankful for all help I can get in this matter...

    Regards T

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    Re: Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!

    I'm interested in this as well. It seems that with the power of the Environment, it ought to be possible. I will try re-reading some of my Logic books and see if something drops into place. It would clearly be useful to the whole Logic/GPO community to get this documented for 9.x.


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    Re: Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!

    Ok, so a bit of playing has me some closer....

    1. In the Arrange window, Create a new multi-timbral track with 16 channels.
    2. Assign the outputs to bus1 and check the "Ascending" box.
    3. Instantiate the Aria plugin as 16 mono channels (multi-output)
    4. Load some samples or a template

    If you have gone to Preferences>Audio>General>Track/Mute/Solo: and set it to "CPU Saving (Slow Response)" you will now have freeze, mutes and solos that work.

    What does not work:

    1. Track automation. Any drawn volume envelope affects all the channels. I believe this is because:
    2. The Aria plugin does not appear to use multiple outputs in Logic that I can see so far. When giving it Busses, like above, it should not rely on external audio channel availability, but map to the available outputs (the busses). If you re-assign the output on a one of the tracks, then the whole plug changes output channels. This is easy to see in the Environment Mixer. You can change the audio output channel for each MIDI channel in the Aria plugin, but it does not seem to make any difference. I can't get it to output on more than a stereo channel. If anyone has it operating not only multi-timbrally, but as a multi-output plugin, I would love to know what I am missing.

    3. I am fairly certain that once each channel of the plugin has a separate output, then all the remaining functionality will work.

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    Re: Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!


    Is a pretty decent overview on working with multi-timbral and multi-output plugins.

    It still leaves me wondering how to use Aria as a multi-output plugin since it seems to only use physical outputs for its multiple outputs. I have an Apogee duet plugged in right now, but will move to an 8ch MOTU unit tomorrow to see if that makes any difference. If nothing else, I'm learning about the back corners of Logic.

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    Re: Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!

    OK, clarity obtained. This post cleared the cobwebs for me (http://www.logic-users-group.com/for...46&postcount=4). Aria multi-outputs work fine with Logic 9 - it is so much easier than in Logic 7! You don't even have to visit the Environment once to get multi-outputs working correctly!

    1. In the Arrange window, create a new multi-timbral instrument with 16 tracks
    2 Make sure you select "Bus 1", and check the "Ascending" box for the output
    3. In the first channel, instantiate the Aria plugin with 16 stereo channels (multi out)
    4. In the Aria plugin window, assign samples, or load a template
    6. Before you exit, assign each of the 16 slots to separate output (1/2, 3/4, etc)
    7. Open the Mixer panel at the bottom of the Arrange Window
    8. You will see your "Instrument" with the plugin highlighted in blue
    9. You will see your 16 "Aux" tracks scrolling off to the right, note that they do not have input assigned.
    10. In the I/O "Input" Section of each Aux, click and hold to scroll down to your "Instrument 1" and then pick off the Aria 1/2 output for the first, Aria 3/4 for the second, and so on.
    11. Rename the Aux Faders if you desire to match the patch names
    12. Save it as part of a template.

    When you have this done, you will have a multi-timbral plugin, with each channel sounding on a different Aux channel. This, combined with the aforementioned Preferences>Audio>General>Track/Mute/Solo: and set it to "CPU Saving (Slow Response) tip, and you will have totally separate channels, an easy place to mix without touching the Aria mixer, etc. I believe this is review for the original poster, but may help someone else.

    Because Logic will create a new bank of Aux channels for each Aria instance, you have no worry on running out of Aux's.

    Note that this does not give you "Freeze", but if that is important, you could "Bounce In Place" and achieve pretty similar results. You will notice that if you just create a new set of multi-timbral tracks, you get a Freeze button. This goes away as soon as you select the multi-out options for the Aria plugin, so this seems to be a Logic capabilities thing. I think that the extra control of multi-output mode with stereo channels is worth loosing freeze when bounce in place can work if needed.

    If you want automation, you can have it by using a Transform object in the Environment. Information on that is at the end of this article: //www.soundonsound.com/sos/sep07/articles/logictech_0907.htm

    Hope that helps - it clarified for me why things are different than I remembered them in previous versions. I had not delved into this until recently picking the library back up, and installing on my new composing computer and deciding to redo my templates.


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    Thumbs up Re: Setting up GPO 4 in Logic 9...please help!

    thank you and THANK YOU for laying this out in an understandable and doable fashion

    much appreciated

    Finally beginning to use the ARIA player the way it was meant to be used (I'm guessing!)


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